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Big Changes for 2007

The current editor of Commute by Bike, RL Policar, has decided to move on to pursue his own ventures and his crew of writers will be going with him. I wish them all the best and thank them all for there contributions to the Crooked Cog Network. For the future, we will be refocusing the […]

Happy Holidays

On behalf of everyone at CBB… Happy Holidays!

Much Respect Due

Ok ok…I have way MORE respect for all you guys that commute in the bitter cold. This morning it got pretty cold here in Southern California, 35 degrees. Hey! That’s bitter cold for us! So I decided to go for a ride…BRRR! My ears, fingers and what ever else sticks out was about to fall […]

Cycletote First Impression

I’ve been testing the Cycletote for a few weeks now and I have to say, so far so good. I haven’t experienced any problems with the test unit that we have. Here are some shots showing how stable the Cycletote is. It also demonstrates how well the linkage works. Even when I’m cornering, the Cycletote […]

Suggestions, ideas sought for ALCo bicycle master plan

Here’s your chance to get involved if you live in the area… It’s one of the healthiest — and sometimes fastest — ways to commute around the area, and Alameda County officials are hoping to make it getting around unincorporated Alameda County on a bicycle a little bit better. The county’s public works agency will […]

Top 10 Tips for Riding in the Snow Jill Homer of Juneau, Alaska, is training to ride 350 miles in the human-powered Iditarod. The race, which starts in February, follows the same route used by the famous dog sled teams. People sometimes say, “Wow, riding a bike on snow – that’s great. But how does it work?” Snow-biking can be different from […]

Kayak On A Bike

I find it amazing how handy the Xtracycle really is. I found this on a kayaking site.

How to tune a rear derailleur

Tuning derailleurs have always intimidated me. Everytime that I mess with them, I make it worse. So I turned to RL, our resident master wrench, for some advice. Here’s the basic procedure with illustrations. We used the Ibex Trophy with a Shimano Deore LX derailleur. Your bike maybe different but the same principle applies. First, […]

Make Your Own Ski Bike

Dirt Rag Magazine came up with their own way of making a simple Ski Bike. Disclaimer: These are just guidelines for creating a snow toy. The ski bike is not even remotely safe to build, ride, or even stand next to. Many early versions of the ski bike failed miserably, and just because this one’s […]

5 places to ride with extra caution

As I ride my bike to work, there are a few places that I ride with extra caution: 1. Near a School. Moms and Dads are always in a hurry to drop off/pickup their kids and drive away without really looking out for cyclists or cars. 2. Near a Bus. Specifically at Bus stops. Don’t […]