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Yearly Archives: 2007

New Shop!

The shop expansion at Wandertec, Inc. has just been completed. The best part was when they fired up the furnace. I will be getting everything organized in the next few weeks including moving over the CNC machine, setting up inventory shelving, and moving over the sewing equipment. Once that is wrapped up, I will start looking for a Sales Manager.

In other news at Wandertec, Inc. we are starting the process of distributing Carry Freedom Trailers in the US. We are planning on getting several pallets of the Y-Frame Large and Small trailers shipped over, likely arriving in April. Our plan is to sell the trailers through the and offer them through other specialty retailers. The Carry Freedom City is still available through another distributor. We will plan on offering this trailer to retailers once these run low in availability as well.

It’s been a great year of growth at Wandertec,Inc. and we are looking forward to another exciting year ahead. Thanks to all of our customers, business partners and friends. Happy Christmas, Holidays and New Year!

New Shop on the Verge…

This week at Wandertec Bicycle Cargo Design:
1: Dug out from 2ft of snow.
2: Watched as the workshop is getting achingly close to completion.

The shops is in a bit of chaos now as the buildings are being joined together. Once completed, I’ll be moving the ShopBot and sewing machines all into the same building. The back of the shop will be for manufacturing and the front will be for the office, inventory storage and sewing. Once its complete I’ll be throwing up some pictures. Once were setup and running, I’ll post a few more.

At the moment, I’ve got my operation spread out between the shop, my house, the shed, and a garage across town. But once the shop is complete, it will all come together into one space. Getting the real heating system will be greatly appreciated rather than running propane and electric heaters. Everything will be set to start looking for an employee.

Sales of Bike Cargo Trailers continue on at a decent pace despite the wintry season upon us. I think that the Christmas season is keeping things moving forward at the moment. Once the New Year hits, we can only hope that people start looking forward to the spring ahead.

Progress with the Wandertec mLite bike trailer light continues. We’ve come up with a source in China for the CR2 battery. We will be receiving in our first large order in the coming months and begin introducing them to a variety of bicycle trailer and recumbent suppliers.

Carry Freedom’s DIY Bamboo

Carry Freedom Bamboo Bike TrailerCarry Freedom Trailers has offered up plans for building a bike cargo trailer with locally available materials. They offer their plans for no cost. Their goal is to encourage the use of bike cargo trailers. By making these plans available, those who cannot afford a manufactured bike cargo trailer are better enabled to build their own trailer.

Carry Freedom is particularly interested in evolving a good Do-It-Yourself bike trailer design for use in 3rd World areas with poor transportation resources. Bike cargo trailers can be used as an essential transportation tool in poor, isolated areas. While bicycles can be found in these parts of the world, bike cargo trailers are often very hard to come by. A basic bike cargo trailer is essentially a simple devise from an engineering and manufacturing view point. It is the type of devise that can be built by its user much more easily than a bicycle itself.

$75 Bike Trailer Dreams

There is a growing selection of bike cargo trailers available to cyclists. However, bike cargo trailers are still a niche/specialty product. Because of this, their price is relatively high as compared to the majority of bicycles sold. A new bicycle trailer will cost between $200 and $400. For someone who is poor, on a budget, or just not interested in spending very much on bicycling equipment, $200+ is cost prohibitive.

Bike cargo trailers are a great enabling force for bicyclists. Many bicyclists discover that they hardly use a car anymore once they have discovered all the loads they can transport by bike trailer. For bicyclists with less money to spend, the advantage of being able to get oneself and all of one’s stuff around by bicycle is even more greatly appreciated.

Floats Away

This week:
1. Sold some demo CELLOS bike trailer shipping cases.
2. Worked on some ideas for updating the CELLO design for its next incarnation, hopefully sometime next year.
3. Picked up some pallet shelves for stacking bike cargo trailers on.
4. Wished I could have done more but time sometimes floats away.

Google Top 10 in the Top 3

This week at Wandertec:
1. Started the final cap-off to the marketing campaign:
My buddy Ben, my web-marketing guru, and I were discussing the success of the marketing campaign for We concluded that things were looking very good. The key components of the campaign are high results in Google Searches, a well constructed Google AdWords campaign, and a smattering of low-cost advertisements in key bike touring and bike commuting magazines and forums. To cap-off the marketing a little fine tuning to the Google Searches needs to be performed. I will be determining what the top 10 Google keyword searches that lead people to the are such as bike trailer, bike cargo trailer and BOB Trailer. I will then begin a campaign to bring all of my Google searches for these terms into the top 3 of their listings. Ben has suggested quite a few clever tips for making this happen. He suggested registering with Yahoo directories focusing the listing on the important key-words and convincing bloggers to write posts about the that include contextual keyword links.

2. Ordered a new size and style of the Wandertec Cargo Net:
We are switching the Wandertec Cargo Net over to a larger net that should give a little better capacity for items stowed underneath it. I ordered up 200 of this larger size. Unfortunately the company sent me only 50 of them in the correct size and about 150 more in a size that was twice as large, way to big for a bike cargo trailer.

3. Waited for my webhosting company to fix the problems with their servers:
Tuesday and Wednesday were a couple of very irritating days as I waited for, and the all to come back online. I’ve got a low priced webhost and this has put even more fire under my butt to switch the website over to the web hosting company Zoovy or something like it.

4. Stayed warm running my shop heater burning propane:
The new shop complete with natural gas furnace is achingly close to being completed. In the meanwhile its getting quite cold up here in the mountains of Northern Arizona and I’m burning the propane heater to stay warm.

CELLO (BOB Case) Review

CELLO BOB Bike Trailer CaseThis review of the CELLO Bike Case for BOB Trailers was first posted by Colin Avolve on his blog, bikearchy. From the review:


This week at Wandertec:
1. Started sewing the new Wandertec Woven Labels on the Wandertec CELLO bike trailer case, Wandertec SAX BOB Trailer cargo liner and Wandertec Cargo Net.
2. Ordered some Down Low Glow lights from Rock the Bike to sell with the Xtracycle and to figure out how to mount to our other bike trailers. I bought a double tube blue system to use on my tandem and Xtracycle.
3. Saw work resume on the shop and they told me their expected completion date in 12/03-wooHoo!
4. Continued brainstorming the design of the Wandertec SanToor bike.
5. Picked up the new Wandertec work vehicle, a 1986 Toyota Pickup. Its in dire need of TLC with no rear view mirror or turn signals and some serious shakes when putting it in gear. But hey it was free and it’s perfect for hauling loads to big for the Xtracycle/Carry Freedom setup around town. Many thanks Tom and Cynthia.
6. Launched a few holiday specials at the


This Week at Wandertec:
1. Watched the shop not being built(progress is to resume soon)
2. Sold my Honda Element (CELLOmobile)
3. Came up with a name for my new bicycle design, the Wandertec SanToor.
4. Did away with the Wandertec Purchase page and pointed all sales to
5. Listed Demo CELLOS for sale at the
6. Was introduced to a great website that makes it easy to discover other great websites called

Bike Trailers at Interbike

Other than Xtracycle, there were several other developments of note in the arena of bicycle cargo trailers.

Kona UTE Utility BikeKona was displaying their utility bike the Ute. The UTE like the Surly Big Dummy is a complete long haul cargo bike. Unlike the Big Dummy it does not utilize the Xtracycle rack system and instead has a built in bike rack system.