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Monthly Archives: March 2007

Bike Trailer Videos Part 4

Bike Trailer Videos 1
Bike Trailer Videos 2
Bike Trailer Videos 3

To wrap up this collection of bike trailer videos, I found a few videos that get into the message of bicycle transportation.

Selling the Revolution

You need to have flashplayer enabled to watch this Google video

This video was put together by the Xtracycle crew when they were first getting the Xtracycle out there. It tells the story of the Xtracycle by presenting the noble ambitions of the company and the product, the biases against it, and how the Xtracycle can improve your life.


This Week:
1.Shipped out our largest quantity of bike cargo trailers for one week (11).
2.Placed orders with all of largest suppliers BOB, Burley, Xtracycle & Ortlieb.
3.Got ahold of a new light by Weber of Germany.

It was a great week for sales. The first week of Spring ushered in great demand as people gear up for the riding season ahead.

On another front I was sent a sample of the M-Lite by Weber Products of Germany. This is a unique light designed to fit on flag poles. We are very excited about the design and can see it being used with bike cargo trailers, bike child trailers, recumbents, and kids bikes with flags. We hope to have it available along with our other bike cargo trailer lighting systems this summer.

Bike Trailer Videos Part 3

Bike Trailer Videos 1
Bike Trailer Videos 2
Bike Trailer Videos 4

Gathering together bike trailer videos, I’ve noticed that Xtracycle users have by far been the most prolific with posting their cycling videos.

This seems to be evidence of the inspirational and fun nature of the Xtracycle. When you get on one you just want to party. The inventions that the Xtracycle has inspired include a bike mounted blender system, a neon lighting system sold through the Fossil Fool, music systems that mount onto the Xtracycle’s Snap Deck and much more.

Here are a couple of videos of the good time to be had with an Xtracycle.

Bike Trailer Videos Part 2

Bike Trailer Videos 1
Bike Trailer Videos 3
Bike Trailer Videos 4

There are two ways to generalize how bike cargo trailers are used:

  1. Ride to work, pick up groceries and pick up anything else you can think off and haul it around town.
  2. Go on an epic bike tour.

While all bike touring voyages are not equal they all seem epic as they are being prepared for and undertaken.

Here are some inspiring cycling videos of tours that can truly be called epic.


This Week:
1. Ordered socks for the
2. Updated listings for Burley Trailers with photos of their new hitch design.
3. Discovered a bike case/bike trailer for coupler & folding bikes, the Turtle Tow by Bilenky Bikes.
4. Discovered a light that mounts on flags for Bike Trailers, recumbents and any other devise with a safety flag.

I realized that in order to encourage customers to write product reviews, a small gift was needed. So, I’ve ordered up 20 dozen pairs of socks bearing the name and logo.

I was looking at the S&S Coupler site and discovered a very intriguing trailer. The Turtle Tow trailer is designed similarly to the BOB Yak Trailer. Rather than having an open cargo area, it utilizes a bike case designed to pack S&S coupler bikes in while traveling. The trailer structure is built around the case. When not being used as a trailer for gear, a coupler or folding bike can be packed inside of the case. The trailer can also be disassembled and packed into the case.

The system is very comparable to the CELLO bike case in that it works in both bike case and bike trailer mode. The main difference of course is that it will only work with coupler and folding bikes. The cases are available in 10″ 12″ and 14″ wide versions. The 10″ version is within airline restrictions of 62″ width x length x height. The larger versions usually get on board without additional charges.

I also found a brilliant little light manufactured in Germany by Weber makers of the Monoporter trailer. This light is designed to fit onto a flag pole and is a perfect safety add on for both bike cargo and bike kid trailers as well as recumbents and other bikes with flags. A few samples are on the way to test out.

Bike Trailer Videos Part 1

I’ve been gathering up cycling videos involving bike cargo trailers for your viewing pleasure. Though not a category likely to be given an award by the academy anytime soon, there is definitely some creativity and enthusiasm in all of these short films. Over the next week I’ll be posting my collection.

Shop Drawings

This Week:
1.Had a look at the drawings for the new workshop.
2.Started writing about 30 posts for the Bike Trailer Blog simultaneously.
3.Spent way to much time messing around in the world of Search Engine Optimization.

My buddy Pete showed up with the layout for the new workshop. It’s looking nice. Now its time to haggle over the price a bit and submit the plans to the city.

I decided that Blogging about Bike Trailers is kind of like writing multiple chapters of a book. There is no need for a chronological publishing of the various posts. I decided to start writing all of my posts simultaneously. As I do research for one post, I find plenty of info for the other posts. I find myself wanting to jump around from post to post and publish each one whenever it happens to be completed.

I spent my time chasing my tail through the depths of the Internet this week trying to figure out how to climb up the search rankings in Google and Yahoo. Whenever I delve into the techno-geek realm, I sense that I am getting in way over my head. I’m usually tempted in by some blog that someone writes about how simple it is to improve your Google rankings with a few simple updates. But those updates always seem to take me down a long winding corridor of tough fixes and a multiplying array of options.

I’m not sure how much it helps to do things like improving the layout of my URL for Google’s searching, creating a site map of all my products and submitting my sites and site maps to the search engines. But at the very least wrangling my way through these tasks does help improve my understanding of the techno world.

After spending three days on Search Engine Optimization, I decided to get back into improving the products that I make and the photos and listings of the products I sell. Though I’ll get into the techno realm from time to time, my overall philosophy is to focus on the quality of my website over the quantity that the techno geeks achieve in getting their websites to appear all over the Internet. By working on the quality side of things, I’m focusing on a building a site that may not be the easiest to find but has the best information for those who do.

Bykaboose Trailer Review

Bykaboose TrailerBykaboose bike cargo trailers has been around for about 10 years now manufacturing the Gecko and the nearly identical, and slightly smaller Newt Cargo Trailers.

The Bykaboose Gecko and Bykaboose Newt are two afford ably priced trailers that offer solid performance. There most unique feature is there pop up design that allow them to easily collapse down for storage or travel.


This week:
1. Redesigned the little bracket part that makes a Greenspeed Trike’s rear rack mount nicely onto a BOB Yak trailer.
2. Took photos of & posted a listing for a security cable lock setup for BOB Trailers, the above mentioned Greenspeed rack mount, and a B&M 4D Toplight to mount onto the Greenspeed rack.
3. Brainstormed ideas for a top-secret(at least until I realize how many others have had the same idea) new travel bicycle concept.
4. Brainstormed a new idea for CELLO crossbar connection magicness.
5.Went over the top of my old monthly sales record from last July.
6.Went on an epic ride in Shredona with Joe Murray and a cohort of single-speeders to celebrate Kim’s 40th.

It was a great week with strong sales to finish off the month of February. I sent a BOB Yak Trailer and CELLO bike trailer case to Hong Kong. My new customer there is an engineer and offered his assistance to look into manufacturing over there. While its good to keep manufacturing local its also good to go to the next level with larger scale production.

My brain was mushrooming with new ideas this week, distracting me from the more immediate stuff. On the forefront, I did come up with a solid concept for updating the CELLO. The current CELLO uses crossbars to hold the side panels together. This won’t change, however I’m looking for a better (and easier to manufacture) solution for connecting the panels and the crossbars together. The current system of a cap that tensions through a hole in the panel into the crossbar works very well, however it’s very time consuming to make. Now I’m working on a crossbar that will have tabs that engage the panel and be held in place by a tensioned piece of webbing. So if that isn’t perfectly clear, you’ll just have to wait until the new CELLO starts rolling out.

The week capped off with a beautiful, amazing ride in Sedona. It was my first mountain bike ride of the year and after flipping off my bike in the first 100 yds, I managed to pull it together to enjoy a truly epic ride.