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Monthly Archives: April 2007

Extrawheel is Here

This week at Wandertec, Inc.:
1.Listed the Extrawheel at the (1 sold the first day).
2.Worked out a deal to bring in a large stock of BOB Trailers.
3.Ordered Carry Freedom and Croozer trailers.

It was a fairly uneventful week of waiting for the weather to change back to spring. I stayed busy shipping out what seems to be the normal flow of about 1 bike cargo trailer per day now.

Trying to get this shop built, I’ve been looking around for someone who wants the work. My step-Dad pointed me in the direction of a contractor who is a long time cyclist (even ran a bike shop in Williams for a while). He is savvy on green building techniques, and had some interesting recommendations on ambient heating and using insulated concrete forms (ics).

On the fun side of things, I just put together a cruiser tandem. My girlfriend and I took it on its maiden voyage this morning to Miz Zips for breakfast.

Living with Xtracycle

Living With XtracyclePhoto by faster panda kill kill

The Xtracycle is something that you have to spend some time with. When you first start riding around town with it on your bike, it can sometimes seem like the thing is a bit of a nuisance, that it is in the way of your fast-paced-cool-biker-life. It seems as if you are always riding around with the extra weight of the Xtracycle on your bike but you never have anything to put in it.

Ticking Over

Last week:
1:Redid the Template for my other blog
2:Ran around like a headless chicken filling a steady stream of orders.
3:Got an account approved to start carrying Carry Freedom & Croozer trailers at the
4. Started advertising the on

The orders have really started to pour in in the last few weeks. The is really starting to tick over at a steady rate lately. Now, I just need to get my workshop extension built. Once the full shop is up and running I should be in a good position to start looking around for a full time employee. Sometime this coming fall or winter things should be coming together for that. I’m looking forward to bringing on board someone who can help speed up the growth of the business.

I recently discovered that Chariot Carriers of Canada had both Croozer trailers and Carry Freedom bike trailers available. I’ve been very keen on all of these trailers especially the Carry Freedom City which has been a big hit in the UK for the rapidly growing commuter crowd there. Look for these two new lines of trailers on the in the coming weeks.

Single Wheeled Trailers: Adding to the Art

The basic BOB Yak Trailers set the stage for imitators, as discussed in the last post, as well as single wheel bike trailers that owe their lineage to the BOB but have gone on in new directions. These inspired cargo haulers have evolved by adding suspension, different cargo configurations, different size wheels, multi-functionality and other features.

Bob Trailer IbexBOB’s Ibex trailer was introduced circa 2002. It offers suspension to improve the ride off road and on.

The Socks

This Week:
1. Got in the New socks.
2. Layed out a cut pattern for the developing Wandertec BOB Trailer Liner.
3. Developed a new support brace for front-corner side panel on the CELLO bike case.

Our socks arrived from SockGuy this week. I had my girlfriend modeling them for the listing on the website. I’m offering these as giveaways to our customers in return for their posting a review about the bike trailers they’ve purchased from the site.

I’ve been developing a fabric liner to fit the cargo area of the BOB Trailer. In preparing to bring this to production, I was working on getting the sizing just right. BOB Trailers lent their support by forwarding me a 3D Cad drawing of the BOB Yak Trailer. With this image I can create the cut pattern so that the liner follows the inside dimensions of the Trailer to a T.

Since beginning to sell the CELLO 2 years ago, we’ve had 2 come back with the warranty issue of the panel breaking at the front bottom corner where there is a connection between the BOB trailer fork, the side panel and the crossbar. The panel has been cracking along the cutout for the crossbar to insert. After these two warranties came back, I realized that this spot was exposed to greater impacts and was subject to greater exposure with its corner position. As a solution, I designed a corner brace. An extra piece of the extremely resilient plastic polycarbonate has been sandwiched over this spot and bolted in place to effectively triple the strength of the front corner area of the CELLO. Rigorous testing has shown this to be a very effective solution. This new corner brace will be included on all CELLOs.

Single Wheeled Trailers: The BOB Trailer Imitators

Imitation, the Greatest Form of Flattery

The BOB Trailer has first defined and then dominated the bike cargo trailer scene since it became available in the early 90′s. As evidence of its success there has been a significant train of imitators to follow. Some of these have brought added innovations while others are simply a lower quality knock off.

Melanie Riding Big

This Week:
1. Worked on making the mLite available into the US in the next few months.
2. Capped off another record breaking month in Bike Trailer sales.
3. Tested out an Extrawheel bike trailer while watching my little sister take some names.

Last weekend I was down in Phoenix to watch the opening round of the National Mountain Bike Championships. My sister, Melanie Meyers was riding for her newly formed team Kenda-Titus-XFusion in the Pro Field. This is a picture of her riding strong on the wheel of former world champion Alison Sydor. She had her best result yet in the Pro Field, breaking into the top 15 with a 13th place finish. She’s had a great start to her season after recently earning the U-23 Bronze in the Pan American Champions in Argentina.

While at the race I took the Extrawheel Trailer demo out for a ride. While it is not as easy to pack and unpack as most trailers, it is a great handling trailer for mountain biking. The large diameter of the wheel with the weight slung low on either side of it keep the trailer from bouncing.