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Monthly Archives: April 2008

Finally, a Mobile Phone that Fits on my Bike Trailer

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist that headline, but this is actually a serious story about an interesting new concept in Nicaragua. From the Triple Pundit story:

Here in the US, we’re used to the near ubiquitous access to cell phones, with the possibility of thousands, if not unlimited minutes. But what if every phone in the US was prepaid? Such is the case in Nicaragua. There, people use their phones mainly to receive phone calls, or as address books to make calls at one of the numerous, more affordable “call shops” in the country. Brian Forde looked around, saw the prevalence of three wheeled bikes, carrying cargo, people, ice cream, and had an idea: create a pedal powered mobile version of the call shop, able to go wherever the people are.

The company, Llamadas Pedaleadas, makes the trailers using common parts for easy repair and maintenance. The electronics run off of a car battery that is charged through the pedal power of the bicycle (with a kick stand to raise the tire for stationary charging). Check out the video below to see it in action.

Bike trailer trash

Bike Trailer Bloggers, Josh Lipton and Jeff HankensThis Earth Day weekend, Bike Trailer Shop staffers Josh and Jeff, got out to help clean up Flag’s south side. Not wanting to get too dirty, we naturally volunteered to haul around the bagged trash and deliver refreshments, while the thirty-or-so other volunteers donned hip waders and dredged the infamous Rio de Flag. When they filled up a bag, we picked it up and rolled back to the collection site.

It’s Spring… Time to get a BOB Trailer!

Thought I’d mention that just launched their annual Spring BOB Trailer Sale.

It’s a great opportunity to get a BOB Trailer at 10% 0ff. Get a BOB Yak from $269 or an Ibex for $332.

The Wacky World of Bike Trailer Tents Part 1

As I scrape the edges of the internet for all things related to bike trailers I’ve come across a surprising variety of bicycle trailers with tents built into them. The amount of design that has been put into these towable shelters is at the same time impressive and a bit odd.

When it comes to tents and bike trailers it would seem to me that the simple, obvious solution is to just bring along one of the numerous lightweight backpacking tents. That being said let’s humor these interesting setups with the spirit of invention.

Earth Day:!@%$#! Cars, Ride Your Bike

Ride Your Bike BadgeEarth Day is around the corner and, the way we see it, the only thing better than having an excuse to ride our bikes is having an excuse to get lots of people to ride their bikes.

You might have guessed that we have a passion for bicycles here at the Bike Trailer Blog. A big part of that comes from our desire to minimize our individual impact on the environment. Join with us this Earth Day in promoting bicycling as a solution for earth friendly transportation.

New Trailer Lineup

EDIT: Sold Out

The Bike Trailer Shop has been expanding a bit lately, and in the interest of reaching all segments of the bike trailer market, no matter how niche, we have decided to throw our hat into the trailer-building ring with the first two of what we hope will be a long line of branded trailers.

Pony TrailerThe first of our new bike trailers, sure to be a hit among riders of all stripes, is the Pony trailer, designed exclusively for the mass transport of refreshing beverages. You’ll be like the pied piper with this trailer, followed closely wherever you ride by hordes of thirsty fellow bikers.

Bike Trailer Sound Systems

Bike Trailer Music SystemWhile most of you are probably just concerned with a good bike trailer for bike touring or getting your groceries home with, there is a growing scene of eclectic and sometimes inspiring ways to make further use of bicycle cargo trailers.

Bicycles and music are finding a union through bicycle trailers. In bike festivals and parades a wild variety of sound systems can be found perched on bicycles and mounted on cargo machines.