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Bike cargo trailers are amazing tools for getting more out of a bicycle -- and keeping you a out of your car. In all their variety, bike cargo trailers are the perfect tools for hauling stuff by bike.

We cover touring, commuting, errands, and generally doing more by bike -- so we don't leave out cargo bikes and conversions.

The topics of bike child trailers and trailer-cycles are covered in our Family Cycling section.

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This blog is about sharing the fun, the utility, and the creativity that bike trailers can inspire. We want photos of how you've used your trailer -- whether it's an off-the-shelf model in a beautiful or interesting setting, or if it's a Franken-trailer customized in a way only you could have conceived.

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Monthly Archives: July 2008

The Bike Trailer List

We’ve decided to start compiling and organizing a list of available and unavailable bike trailers. We are breaking down the list into categories such as Bike Child Trailers, Bike Cargo Trailers and Bike Pet Trailers. This list is part is part of our Fixer-UP Bike Trailers series of posts. These posts will address fixing up Bike Trailer hitches, hitch arms, wheels, covers, etc.

Note that this list is a work in progress. We will be updating it as we’ve got the time and information. we plan on inputting as much information about models and company details for all of these trailers. Please be aware that with many of the less available trailers, it is very difficult to find any information at all. As this list is a work in progress, please let us know if there are any trailers that we’ve left of, miscategorized, etc.

Bike Cargo Trailers:

Bike Cargo Trailers are any trailer designed specifically for carrying cargo.

At our post, Bike Trailer List: Bike Cargo Trailers, we’ve categorized single-wheeled bike cargo trailers, flatbed bike cargo trailers, enclosed bike cargo trailers and specialty bike cargo trailers.

Have a look at our post all about bike cargo trailers or take a look at a great lineup of available bike cargo trailers at the

Bike Child Trailers: (Currently Available)
Burley: Bee, Solo, Encore, d’Lite, Cub
Baby Jogger
Chariot Carriers: Cabriolet, Corsaire XL, Cheetah1, Cheetah2, Cougar1, Cougar2, CX1, CX2, & SideCarrier
: 535, 525 & 737
Dreamer Design
Equinox Trailers
Master Cycles (Wal Mart)
Quick n EZ (Target)
Schwinn Trailblazer, Mark 2, Mark 3, Runabout, Schwinn Joyrider, Schwinn runabout
Tout Terrain Singletrailer, Streamliner
Winther: Dolphin

Bicycle Trailer hitches and couplers

Probably the most common question here at the shop begins with, “so, I bought a used trailer on eBay.” Our follow up question is always, “what brand is the trailer?” The answer will invariably come from this list: Kidarooz, Rhode Gear, Bell, Kool-Stop, Winchester Original, JD Razor, Cannondale, Tanjor, Yakima, Norco USA, or Trek, those trailers abandoned, orphaned, and kicked to the side of the bike path in the name of progress. Did they deserve this sort of treatment. Some, yes, but all old trailers have some usefulness. But can they be revived without looking too hillbilly?

To get started, have a look at this video put up by our friends over at

One Wheel or Two?

Bicycle trailers are fast becoming a viable transportation option in the face of the changing energy scheme. With that, many calls are received at the Bike Trailer Shop headquarters about the basics of trailer design. One of the more frequent considerations when selecting a trailer is the wheel count. Are you better off with a one wheel bike trailer or two wheel bike trailers? The choice is dependent on the use. If you intend to have children in-tow, two wheels is the only option. If you need more utility & versatility, your options open to a wide variety of designs.

Burley Encore Trailer Review

Nathan in a Burley EncoreWe’d like to introduce our newest blog author and Bike Trailer Shop Sales Manager, Dave Herbold aka Gnome of fame. Dave’s first post is kicking off our 4th of July Burley Child Trailer Sale with a review of the Burley Encore that he’s been testing out with his son. So here’s Dave:

I’m both the proud father of a 13 month old boy, and a new member to the Bike Trailer Shop company. Since fatherhood arrived along with the inevitable rise in the cost of fuel, bicycle trailers have become an essential tool for everyday day living. Since I’ve started working here, I’ve also had the opportunity to learn quite a bit about trailers, and more specifically, child trailers.