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Monthly Archives: August 2008

End of Summer BOB Trailer Sale

We’re having our End of Summer BOB Trailer Sale at the Bike Trailer Shop.

The sale is running from August 23rd to September 7th.

Its a great opportunity to get a BOB Trailer at 10% 0ff (BOB Yaks from $259 or BOB Ibex from $323)

BOB Trailers are a great all purpose trailer. From bike touring to bike commuting to errands, BOB Trailers can handle it all with ease and grace. BOB Trailers are great for both on road and off with the Ibex offering a shock and the Yak offering a light weight simple design.

Check out the great deals at Bike Trailer Shop.

The Tubus Cargo review

In my last post I weighed the ups and downs of using trailers versus racks and panniers. This time I wanted to set the partisanship aside and focus on one of my all-time favorite racks, the Tubus Cargo. What makes the Cargo my favorite rack, you ask. Its strength for one, its adjustability for another, oh, and its weight, too. It’s for these, and many other reasons, that I like it the mostest.

Panniers versus trailers, the battle royale

Your trip is going swimmingly. You’ve seen truly beautiful places, enjoyed great weather, no flats so far, and met some amazing people. In fact, you’re sharing tonight’s campsite with some fellow tourists, nice people from some far flung land. Dinner’s been eaten, the dishes washed, and you’re digging into the evening’s conversation. Then it happens. From nowhere, things take an ugly turn. By morning, you’re no longer speaking and are staggering your departures so as to never meet again. How did it come to this, you ask. You made the rookie mistake of broaching the one subject that isn’t discussed in polite touring company: bike panniers versus bike trailers.

Billy the Boombox (Custom Music Bike Trailer)

Our fellow bicycle trailer enthusiast, Ryan Cooper, contacted us about a custom music bike trailer that he cooked up. We decided to post up his words and photos about his project. Also, check out another music trailer we reviewed.

The Origin of The Project:

“The local Critical Mass group completed their May ride and pedaled over to a local, bike-friendly watering hole for post-ride refreshments. As we sat on the patio, the discussion of music for the rides was brought up. My background includes work with car stereo systems and I felt that a car stereo modified for use on a bicycle would offer superior performance to the small, battery powered boom boxes we had previously used. After some discussion about how to make it work, I decided to give it a try.”

Custom Music Bike Trailer

Technical Requirements:

“There are a few things to consider when building a car stereo without the car- First, car stereos are terribly inefficient when it comes to power consumption. Cars use alternators to provide a constant source of power. Using only a battery would require some self restraint with wattage and volume levels. Next is the batteries themselves. Car batteries are quite literally filled with lead and they weigh between 25 and 55lbs! Finally, where to put all this stuff? I decided a trailer would be the best solution because it would allow me to keep the weight low and provide space for all the components.”