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Monthly Archives: December 2008

DIY Bicycle Trailer List

Here at the Bike Trailer Shop we have a strong passion for anything pulled behind a bike, and that includes DIY projects. We understand that some people might not have the means to dish out $200 or more for a cargo trailer, or they just want to have a home made trailer to show off.

Below are three lists of links to DIY bike trailers. They are categorized on my personal opinion of how the instructions to build are written and presented. Please understand that anything you build you are responsible for, in other words dont get mad at us if it doesnt work the way you expected.

Bike Tour Preparation:P3 – Pack Up!

The complete blog series on this tour:
Bike Tour Preperation: Part 1 Destination, Part 2 Training, Part 3 Pack Up!
PCH Tour: There, Biking Back with Burley, The Good, The Bad and The Burley

You know where you’re headed, and you’ve been crushin’ it on the bike, on the trainer and in the gym, and now you have to think about all of those details of what is going to encompass your precious cargo. Here comes in to play the precious Goldilocks complex: not too much, not too little, but just right.


One of the first questions is whether to use bike panniers, a bike trailer, or both. Below are links to further explore the panniers -vs- trailer conundrum.

If you’re traveling in a group, it’s nice to be able to share some of the weight responsibilities like a tent, a stove, and any other community items. These folks fancy sharing the load and touring tandem style.

2008 Fast Forwarded

So it’s been a long time since I’ve posted to my “business journal” blog. Business at Wandertec has boomed this year not leaving much time to reflect. And much of my blogging energy has gone into the Bike Trailer Blog instead.

But, I do like to write and reflect so now that things have slowed down with the winter months upon us, I’ll resume my ramblings.

So 2008 was a great year for the business. It was a boom year for bike commuting, and all things related and with our focus on bike trailers and bicycle bags, the sales came flooding in. Along with this growth, we brought on 3 full time employees, along with myself, making us 4 strong.

Now that we’re in the slow season, we’ve been chipping away at a whole range of projects including launching a new website Bike Bag Shop which is also going to be the new platform for Bike Trailer Shop and then Bike Kid Shop in the coming months.

In other areas, we have launched a new concept site called Spoke And Word. This site is for bike-blog writers and enthusiasts to post and vote on bike posts. We’re not sure if the bike blogging community will pick up on this website as a useful tool to both promote their own blogs and check out a whole variety of other blog posts, however we are finding that our involvement in getting it underway is a very useful way to become much more active in the bike-blogging community.

Finally, we are about to launch new versions of the Wandertec and ExtrawheelUSA sites.

We’re keeping it rolling…..

Bike Tour Preparation: P2 – Training

The complete blog series on this tour:
Bike Tour Preperation: Part 1 Destination, Part 2 Training, Part 3 Pack Up!
PCH Tour: There, Biking Back with Burley, The Good, The Bad and The Burley

So you’ve picked your destination, and are counting down the days until take off. Whether you made last minute plans or have been counting down the days for months, training is one of the main focal points between now and then.


The amount of training needed for a tour depends on tour length and how much gear is necessary for your needs. Personally, I usually bicycle commute about 20-30 miles per day on different terrain, with a few long bicycle rides on the weekends, slowly increasing weight to match the intended carrying weight for the tour.

However, because of a recent bicycling injury to my hand, I have been unable to ride. Preparing for a tour without being able to integrate bicycling into your daily schedule can be tricky. In this case, investing in a trainer is a good idea. Riding about 1-3 hours a day on the trainer during the week, and biking with gear on the weekends can be a good strategy. Brian McLauglin, cycling coach, has information on eating well and choosing an exercise plan for tour preparation.

Christmas Bike Trailer (Custom Bike Trailer)

Once again our friend Ryan Cooper has contacted us about another one of his bike trailer creations. This one is perfect for the Christmas Special Bike Trailer Season. As you may remember Ryan is the mastermind behind the Billy the Boombox box bike trailer that we posted about back in August. This time around Ryan has built a Christmas Sleigh bike trailer that provides the rider and spectator with an array of blinking lights. Ryan was kind enough to tell us about his trailer and send us some pictures and even a short video of his Sleigh in action.

The Origin of The Project:

“This one was built for the local “Tour de Lights” ride. This ride took place in December encouraged folks to dress up and decorate their bikes then ride through some of Knoxville’s historic neighborhoods in a festive parade.”

“I love building stuff, and I love getting peoples attention, and I love bikes so a holiday themed bicycle costume party gets me excited like Michael Jackson at a cub scout meeting. I knew I had to make something so over-the-top that would turn heads even in a sea of decorated bikes. I had been playing with the idea of making a trailer for my bike anyway so I decided to integrate that into the decorations. What holiday item could a trailer be turned into? A sleigh!”