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Utility Cycling Year in Review

Truth be told, Utility Cycling.org is only 1/2 year old, but we thought it would be fun to do a year in review post (excuse me, half year in review) nonetheless. It has been an exciting first half year and we hope you enjoy looking back on it with us. We are definitely looking forward […]

Mike Rubbo’s Interviews with Copenhagenize

Making a BOB Train

We received some photos from Matt in Florida showing us his bike touring set with a few products that he purchased from us. We helped Matt outfit himself with a BOB Yak Trailer, Jandd Panniers, a Greenspeed Rack rack for his BOB, and a few custom in-house accessories that we have developed here at the […]

Bike Touring The Gila Mountains Part I, The Trip and The Discussion Begin

If you’re looking for a great bike touring trip in the southwest that has amazing scenery, great views, hot springs, and few people then check out the Gila Mountains loop my good friend John and I did last spring, and while we are re-living the trip we will also discuss the details of executing and […]

The Perfect Commuter Bike : Fenders

Our group build is about half way through it’s original phases. After many discussions about bicycle type, exact frame set, the type of shifting and finally the component type. We’ve determined the Long Haul Trucker with a stock build is the bike we are going with. We’ve moved on to accessorizing and the important question […]

David Hembrow

2009 Top Commuting Products : Bicycles

Going into the year of 2009 there was high hopes for the alternative solution to automobile use. The 2008 Interbike was full of transportation bikes, electric bikes and all levels of accessories to get people to use their bike daily. Once the gas prices settled back down most people also stopped using their bikes, and […]

National Bike Summit 2010

March 9-11, 2010 Washington, D.C. Make sure to ask for the time off, or schedule your spring vacation around the 2010 National Bike Summit.  I’m doing my best to be there this year, please let me know if you will also be there so we can meet and greet!

Mail Delivery by Bike

Recently, we have witnessed an upswing in parcel delivery by bike, especially as UPS continues to expand their use of bike trailers to deliver packages around the holiday season. In many places, bicycle delivery services and mobile bike businesses are popping up that offer a wide variety of services (you can find information about a […]

Bikes and Beers, One Way to Take the Party With You, The Draught Horse

It is well know that bikes and beers have long been synonymous with each other. There’s nothing better then a cool malt beverage after an epic ride or just the daily commute. For quite some time bike culture has been spawning ingenuous ways of combining bike and beer for the same trip. It is not […]