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Yearly Archives: 2009

Making a BOB Train

We received some photos from Matt in Florida showing us his bike touring set with a few products that he purchased from us. We helped Matt outfit himself with a BOB Yak Trailer, Jandd Panniers, a Greenspeed Rack rack for his BOB, and a few custom in-house accessories that we have developed here at the Bike Trailer Shop.

It seems Matt is certainly a fan of keeping the load off the bike, for the most part. Although he does have set of rear Jandd panniers and a handle bar bag, most of his load is distributed behind the bike itself. With the help of the BOB Yak and the Greenspeed rack attached to the rear of the BOB Yak frame Matt has plenty of room to carry everything he needs for the long haul.

Bike Touring The Gila Mountains Part I, The Trip and The Discussion Begin

Gila mtn tour 1If you’re looking for a great bike touring trip in the southwest that has amazing scenery, great views, hot springs, and few people then check out the Gila Mountains loop my good friend John and I did last spring, and while we are re-living the trip we will also discuss the details of executing and successful, fun safe bike trip.

We planned a three day trip over Memorial day weekend 2009 that would include mostly forest roads and higher elevations. Back in the day, John and I spent some time in the area of the Gila Mountains and Silver City in an epic road stage race called the Tour of the Gila. We always thought that it would be great to come back to the area some day and spend some time checking things out a while not killing ourselves on our road bikes; thus, a tripped was planned.

Bikes and Beers, One Way to Take the Party With You, The Draught Horse

It is well know that bikes and beers have long been synonymous with each other. There’s nothing better then a cool malt beverage after an epic ride or just the daily commute. For quite some time bike culture has been spawning ingenuous ways of combining bike and beer for the same trip.

It is not a coincidence that many custom bike rack makers have a specific rack design that strangely fits a twelve pack perfectly; trust me I’ve seen them. We have all seen the creativity put in to strapping, locking, roping, attaching, gluing a six pack to a bike frame some how, not to mention the attempts at fabricating beer hauling as seen in

We’re Moving, Well at Some Point

overloaded-bikes-slideshowWell its been a great run but unfortunately we have outgrown or home at 2505 N Center Street, and it’s time to move on up to better pastures. Don’t worry we are not leaving Flagstaff, but we are planning on moving to a larger, new space, hopefully closer to downtown. It must be a good sign that in these times of so called economic struggle, which sounds like a self fulfilling prophecy to me, we can continue to grow our business and keep spreading the two-wheeled love.

We are excited for the change in scenery. Soon my desk will turn into a stack of Burley Honey Bee’s if we don’t move. Personally, I am pulling for the downtown locations. It feels right that if you are a serious business, you should be close to downtown Flagstaff, but that’s just my two cents. Our master and commander Josh has been hard at work searching the commercial property market to find the best spot. We expect to find a place and be moved by the end of the month. So keep tuned to the Bike Shop Hub for our latest updates on the move. Hopefully well have a party at the new location when we move!

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Happy Hoildays!

We would like to wish everyone a happy holidays from the Bike Shop Hub. We hope all your two wheeled wishes came true this year and hope to help the wishes for next year come true as well. Get out and ride and take it easy on the Baileys and egg nogg

Happy Holiday!

We would like to wish everyone happy holidays from the Bike Trailer Shop. We hope all your bike trailer and bike touring wishes come true.

Beating the Winter Time Wohs

trainer-in-action-rsNothing’s harder then having to hang up the bike during the cold short days of winter. Going to work in the dark and coming home again after dark can be hard on the body and mind. It is important to keep active during the winter months and not let the darkness, cookies and egg nogg take over. Winter is generally a time of less activity and higher calorie foods and drinks.

Here at the Bike Shop Hub we try and mix it up to keep our sanity both mentally and physically. Luckily Flagstaff is a place were the winter time options offer more then riding the trainer or rollers indoors, although our fearless leader, Josh is going to give the rollers a go this winter. Personally I choose to pick up the skates skis and head out to the Nordic center, I know Nordic in Arizona? Yes that’s right, remember your geography folks, Flagstaff is at 7000 ft. Skate skiing and classic Nordic skiing are a great ways to get an amazing work out and still get outside and enjoy nature. For those of you that don’t have a Nordic center or skis but still get good snow fall, snow shoeing is also a great workout. If you live in a place where it is cold, cloudy but doesn’t snow, much like Kansas and Missouri, where I grew up, then you better bundle up to ride or join a gym, bummer I know. There is also always running, but nobody likes to run, unless its from the police.

The key to enjoying any winter sport is having the right gear. I have had to learn this the hard way, trying to substitute less then par clothing to keep warm and comfortable which always ends in being cold and pissed.skate ski So do your self a favor and drop a little coin on good fitting tech clothing such as Windstopper, and proper wicking insulation to keep you dry and warm. If you are interested in more informative winter time activities check out Handlebarsandwich and Epicrider.

So don’t let yourself just give up till it gets warm again, although it takes a little more effort and thought, fun healthy activities can be found during the winter months, which will keep you sane and help keep those winter calories off, even when you drink as much Baileys as I do.

Beat the Elements with Waterproof Panniers

I know this is a blog dedicated to bike trailers, but of course, we are enthusiasts and users of bike panniers and bike racks, as well. After all, it sure is hard to determine a winner in the battle royale of panniers versus trailers, and the winner for any particular person often comes down to a matter of personal preference. Not to mention, we love the idea of hauling stuff by bike here at Bike Trailer Shop and Bike Bag Shop, so whether you choose trailer or bag/rack, it’s all good to us!

Which brings me to the topic of the day: waterproof panniers. Waterproof panniers need little explanation. Have you elected to use panniers for your next bike tour or utility cycling expedition? Do you live in or plan to travel to a place where heavy rain, sleet, or snow is a possibility? Do you need or want something to keep your gear dry (first and foremost), but also clean and safe? In that case, we definitely recommend waterproof front and waterproof rear panniers over standard panniers, which often utilize a rain cover, but still do not quite compare to the level of water protection afforded by official waterproof bags.

Extrawheel Voyagers on Sale for $259

extrawheel-voyager-with-bike-bag-shop-panniers-wood-pile-croppedWe are putting up a big sale on the Extrawheel Voyager bike cargo trailer through the end of the year. We are taking $110 off the regular price of the Extrawheel Voyager’s normal price of $369. That is the price of the trailer with the wheel. The price without the wheel is $50 less at only $209. So if you have an extra old front wheel hanging around the house all you need is the Extrawheel Voyager body and fork to get going with the great bike cargo trailer.

The Extrawheel Voyager in our mind is the best off-roading bike cargo trailer. With it’s large wheel and short length it performs very smoothly in a large variety of off-road terrain. We often compare the Extrawheel Voyager to the BOB Ibex trailer, also a great off-roading bike cargo trailer. The Extrawheel Voyager wins out by a little bit in pure performance. That being said, you may still prefer the BOB Ibex for it’s spacious cargo area. So while you may not be able to maneuver through quite as difficult terrain with the BOB Ibex, you can carry much larger more awkward loads.

If you are able to fit everything you need in bike panniers mounted on the Extrawheel Voyager with perhaps additional capacity on front and or rear bicycle racks on your bike, the Extrawheel does offer the most maneuverable configuration. Not only is the Extrawheel Voyager highly sought after for it’s off-road prowess, many cyclist appreciate it’s excellent use for road touring and commuting. The aspects of the Voyager that make it great for off-road riding, also are appreciated when negotiating curbs, corners, pot-holes and other road obstacles.

For riders seeking to use a set of bike panniers that do not necessarily want to add a rack to their bicycle, the Voyager offers up an easy to use platform. For example you can quickly mount the Extrawheel Voyager to bike such as carbon fiber road bike or your full suspension mountain bike that do not have any mounting eyelets. Simply replace your regular rear quick release with the Extrawheel Quick Release and any style of bicycle can be hooked up to use for things like picking up groceries, running errands or carrying in clothes and lunch to work.