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We get to see and touch and test all sorts of great cycling gear here at our world headquarters. But we actually get to meet very few of our customers in person.

We just know you are out there taking pictures of your amazing cycling adventures. We want to see them! The best ones will be shared on the relevant section of this blog: Bike Cargo Trailers, Bike Touring, Bike Technology and Family Cycling.

Monthly Archives: March 2009

Spring 10% Off BOB Trailer Sale!

With Spring having just arrived, has just begun their annual Spring BOB Trailer Sale. The sale will be running through April 12th. This is a great opportunity to get a great deal on a BOB Trailer. Get 10% off on a BOB Yak ($260.10) or a BOB Ibex ($323.10). In addition, Bike Trailer Shop has all the fixings you need to get your trailer setup just right with thier great availability of BOB Trailer parts and BOB Trailer accessories.

Get yourself a BOB Trailer at 10% off!

Bike Trailer Shop has just launched the annual Spring 10% off BOB Trailer Sale running through April 12th. Get 10% off on a BOB Yak ($260.10) or a BOB Ibex ($323.10) through April 12th.

Not only is this a great deal on a BOB, but Bike Trailer Shop has a great selection of accessories, extra parts, upgrades and fixes to get you BOB Trailer set up just right. Give us a call to avoid getting stuck in the mud with choosing your options (sorry, couldn’t resist)

Is a BOB not enough to hold all of your gear like the guy in the picture? Don’t forget the Ortlieb sale running through the end of this weekend at Bike Bag Shop.

For the uninitiated, BOB Trailers are the trailers that have spearheaded the emergence of bike cargo trailers over the last 15 years. We are huge fans of these trailers for their maneuverability in tight situations on and off-road, ruggedness and adaptability for a variety of uses.

Zem 4 Person Bike Pulling a Jumbo Bike Trailer

One of our crazy bike trailer pulling readers sent us a picture of his super-sized bike trailer setup. This is a Swiss-made four-person bike made by a company called Zem. Only 300 of these bikes have been made.

The trailer being pulled looks like it’s built for a car, but is also perfect for a 4 person powered vehicle.

Jay is looking around for a bike cargo trailer in LA for an upcoming trip:

No idea where you are located but wonder if you might know anyone near Los
Angeles that would have a bike and trailer I could borrow/rent around Apr
7th-9th. Coming in to LA from Chicago and performing at a wacky musical
venue in Burbank and need to duplicate my home set up. Trailer needs to be
appx 2ftX5ft and sturdy enough to carry a set of drums. Happy to send a pic
of my current set up. Help would be greatly appreciated or if you know
anyone I might contact. I could return the favor and even let someone
borrow my 4 person ZEM bike if you ever make it out Chicago way”

If you’ve got a trailer Jay can use, post it up in the comments

Have a look at this video of the Zem and trailer at Tour de Fat Chicago 2008.

Recently Jay was kind enough to let Steve and Team Banana split barrow the ZEM for their 2009 RAGBRAI trip. Check out the story!

Bike Trailers as Hand Carts-Part 2

Sometimes we get interesting customer questions that inspire us to figure out new uses and configurations of bike trailers.

Our latest inspiration is a customer who works at campus where they have technicians who need to travel around and calibrate machines all over the campus. The campus does not allow automobiles, and bicycle travel offers convenience for the distances traveled between machines. The customer asked us for a recommendation on a trailer that went from being on the bicycle into being a handcart with the greatest ease and convenience. I referred the customer to our original post on Converting Bike Trailers to Hand Trolleys, however I realized that his situation merited a little deeper look.

In assessing the situation, we narrowed down the best choices to either the Croozer Cargo or the Carry Freedom City.

Hitch Arm Positions:

The Croozer Cargo is the only trailer that we offer, that has a hitch arm that adjusts from a position used for bicycling into a position used for pushing it as a hand cart. This ability to switch positions is useful but with frequent starting and stopping may not be the most efficient system. Additionally, the Croozer Cargo hitch arm does not provide that comfortable of a handle. However, this could be easily customized with some minor modifications.

PCH Bike Tour- The Good, the Bad, and the Burley

The complete blog series on this tour:
Bike Tour Preperation: Part 1 Destination, Part 2 Training, Part 3 Pack Up!
PCH Tour: There, Biking Back with Burley, The Good, The Bad and The Burley

Here is a breakdown of my experience with the Burley Nomad Cargo trailer while bicycling up the Pacific Coast Highway. This baby traveled from Los Angeles to Napa Valley, and has rolled around much of Flagstaff’s roads. Have a look at my discussions of my there and back tour with it along the PCH from LA up past San Francisco.

The Good

Some of the good and bad aspects are not necessarily specific to the trailer, but are inherent to the nature of one wheel trailers versus 2-wheeled trailers. That being said, here is my review.

The Big Spring Ortlieb Sale

It feels like Spring here in Flagstaff, Arizona so we might as well call this sale that we’re running on Bike Bag Shop, our Big Spring Ortlieb Sale. We’re offering 10% off on all Ortlieb products through March 29th.
The photo is showing off Ortlieb Front Roller Plus Panniers, Back Roller Plus Panniers and an Ultimate 5 Plus Handlebar Bag that we had the Bike Bag Shop logo screened into. This set of panniers is being sent to James Bowthorpe for his attempt to set a new round the world record cycling record in the support of Parkinson’s research under the auspice of Globe Cycle.

Mark Beaumont is the current record holder having accomplished the feat in 194 days. James has set his sites high aiming to ride the 18,000 mile route in 150 days. Have a look at the previous round the world route used by Mark Beaumont,that James will be largely following.

Keep an eye out for press sitings of Mark as he circles the globe. Mark departs in about a week from the UK and is due to pass through the US in the late summer.

Everyone here at Bike Trailer and Bike Bag Shop wishes James a safe and successful journey!

All Ortlieb 10% Off!

Bike Bag Shop is offering 10% off on all Ortlieb Bags through March 29th.

It’s starting to warm up and now is you last chance for discounts on our already low Ortlieb prices.

For even more savings, get 5% more off with our combo discounts.

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