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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Riding with the Arkel Tail Rider

I’ve ridden with several front panniers and rear panniers, and with a variety of bike trailers, but I haven’t seen a bag quite like the Arkel Tail Rider. This sleek-looking trunk bag has many handy features which are applicable for long day-rides, or commuting around town.

My favorite feature on the tail rider is the expansion capacity. It can expand it’s width to almost a foot across. The top has cinching straps that you can adjust depending on your load. This allows you to tighten your items while riding, and makes it comfortable to carry while off the bike so no matter what size your load, it still totes nicely, briefcase style. A shoulder strap is also available separately if you like carrying things sling style.

Burley Trailers On Sale! 10-15% OFF

BikeTrailerShop.com has just started the Big, Boisterous Burley Trailer Sale. Save 10% to 15% now through April 26th. Checkout the full selection of Burley Trailers and get yourself riding into Spring with Burley Child Trailers, Burley Trailer Cycles, Burley Pet Trailers, and Burley Cargo Trailers!

Big, Boisterous BURLEY Trailer Sale

We’ve just launched our Burley Trailer Sale at the BikeTrailerShop.com. All Burley Trailers are 10% to 15% now through April 26th.

Burley offers an incredible range of trailers. The Burley Flatbed ($269) and Burley Nomad ($315)are great cargo trailers for around town or touring. The Burley Tail Wagon ($319) is a great trailer for bringing your dog along for the ride. The Burley Child Trailer line-up offers a great selection of top-notch child trailer with great safety and use features. And we’ve reduced our clearance price on the 08 Burley Solo to the great price of $315.

And if you are shopping for a BOB Trailer, our sale ends this weekend, so don’t miss out on this chance to get 10% Off.

Step-by-Step – Weber Monoporter

Welcome to the Step-by-Step Assembly Guide to the Weber Monoporter bike trailer. We’ve just begun offering the Weber Monoporter here in the US. As we were figuring out some details about this trailer for the listing at the Bike Trailer Shop, we decided it was a good opportunity to break down the details of its setup into one of our step-by-step blog posts.

This single wheeled trailer has the amazing ability to fold into a very compact unit for travel and storage. This ingenious design certainly is the most compact and one of the most user friendly bike cargo trailers that we have tested. After unloading the box that your Monoporter came in, you should first do a quick inventory check.

The following items will be in that box:

Trailer frame and wheel
Trailer Fork
Weber Flag
Small bag of parts
Canvas Travel Bag
Roll top Dry Bag