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We get to see and touch and test all sorts of great cycling gear here at our world headquarters. But we actually get to meet very few of our customers in person.

We just know you are out there taking pictures of your amazing cycling adventures. We want to see them! The best ones will be shared on the relevant section of this blog: Bike Cargo Trailers, Bike Touring, Bike Technology and Family Cycling.

Monthly Archives: May 2009

BOB Trailer Special – Free Wandertec Sax & Cargo Net

The Bike Trailer Shop is running a special on BOB Trailers May 22nd through June 15th. Recieve a FREE Wandertec SAX Cargo Liner and a Wandertec Cargo Net with the purchase of a BOB Yak Trailer or BOB Ibex Trailer.The Wandertec Sax and Cargo Net are 2 of our most popular accessories for the BOB Trailer. This combination of products is perfect for setting up your BOB for easy use around town, picking up groceries and running errand.

We also have the largest selection of other BOB trailer specific accessories at our website that are available at a discounted price when purchased with a trailer.

In addition, we also have the BOB Trailer DrySAK on sale for the low price of $49.99.

Use Your Gas Tax Stimulus Check to Buy a Bike Trailer

Here at the Bike Trailer Shop, we spend most of our time thinking about better ways to carry stuff on bicycles. But occasionally we try to look around at larger transportation issues beyond our somewhat narrow scope.

Hearing about President Obama’s recent agreement with the auto industry to increase the average fuel efficiency of cars and light trucks to 35.5 mpg by 2016 got me thinking about various other approaches to reduce our dependence and over-consumption of oil.

While I applaud this step that Obama is taking to regulate the auto industry, I have my doubts about how it will work out given the market forces of our current return to low gas prices. Consumers are far less inspired to look for fuel saving alternatives with prices at $2/gallon vs last summer’s $4/gallon.

I believe that for a real change to occur in American’s driving habits and the efficiency of the vehicles that they drive, a stronger more consistent incentive based approach to the problem should be taken. I believe that the best approach to achieve this would be a well structured gas tax that is simple, effective and politically viable.

Welcome to our New Staff

Just a quick announcement to welcome on board our new employees, Melanie Street and Herman Sims.

Melanie is joining our sales team that offers great service, expert knowledge and speedy shipping for all of our Bike Trailers, Bike Bags and Bike Racks.

Herman is our new programmer and will be using his skill set to upgrade our network of niche bike shops as well as developing the into a central site for featuring all of the interactivity between our niche sites, focusing on their specials, reviews, FAQs and comparison charts.

To get the word out about these positions, we reached out to all of our friends in the world of bike blogging. Thanks for posting up the following blog posts about our position: Commute by Bike, Bike Hacks, How To Fix Bikes. Drunk Cyclist, HandleBar Sandwich, Cascade Couriers, Melanie Meyers, Womens Bike Talk, David Hembrow,, Family On Bikes, Bike Blog NYC and Tucson Bike Lawyer.

Wandertec Growing Strong!

Business is continuing on at a strong pace of growth here at Wandertec. We’ve recently added on two new employees to help us provide the best in Bike Trailers, Bike Panniers and Bike Racks.

Melanie Street brings her strong customer service experience, small business experience and artistic sensibilities to our diverse team as our newest sales associate.

Herman Sims has joined in as our PHP/OSCommerce programmer. We are looking forward to utilizing his wealth of programming, networking and general business experience to move all of our websites forward to the next level.

In our effort to find our great new employees, we reached out to other bike bloggers to help spread the word. I wanted to thank all of our friends out there who posted up links about our available positions. These are the folks that posted and what they had to say: Commute by Bike, Bike Hacks, How To Fix Bikes. Drunk Cyclist, HandleBar Sandwich, Cascade Couriers, Melanie Meyers, Womens Bike Talk, David Hembrow,, Family On Bikes, Bike Blog NYC and Tucson Bike Lawyer.

Along with our new employees, we are continuing to move forward on growing our business. We’ve recently launched the Bike Shop Hub as a central site for our growing array of niche bicycling sites. The Bike Shop Hub will serve as a portal to the Bike Trailer Shop, Bike Bag Shop and our new site that is coming soon, Bike Kid Shop.

We’ve also updated website for our representation of Extrawheel Bike Trailers in the US, Extrawheel USA. We’ve just added in Extrawheel’s Advert Trailer. Right now both the Advert Trailer and the Extrawheel Voyager Bike Trailer are on sale.

Make a Point to know your Bike Mounting Points

Sometimes there can be much confusion on what type of add-ons your bike can handle. When adding items like a bike rack, or attaching a bike trailer, it’s sometimes difficult to see which parts are going to be best suited for your bike. Here are some helpful hints to decipher what parts will fit when customizing your bike.

Nutted Axle/Solid Rear Axle
This style axle is solid, so it requires nuts to tighten down the rear wheel. This style is less convenient when changing a tire, but gives you better insurance when you’re away from your bike so that your wheels won’t get snatched. Many bicycle trailers use hitch systems which attach to this part of the bike. BOB Trailers offer the BOB Nutz for nutted axles, and Burley trailers offers the Forged Hitch which is compatible with both quick release and nutted axle.


Final Day of our BIG Burley Sale!

Today is the final day of our BIG, BOISTEROUS Burley Trailer Sale. Burley offers a complete lineup of bike trailers for bringing your children, cargo or dogs along for the ride. Save 10-15% off all these trailers or get an ’08 Burley Solo Bike Child Trailer for the great closeout price of $315.

We’ve written quite a few posts concerning Burley Trailers over the years.

Have a breeze through the following:
The Good, The Bad and The Burley – Megan’s PCH Bike Tour with the Burley Nomad Bike Cargo Trailer.
Bike Trailer Videos Part 5 – Robin found a video of setting up a Burley d’lite Bike Child Trailer as well as a German crash test of the Burley Cub Bike Child Trailer.
Bicycle Trailer hitches and couplers – Jeff’s guide to the bike trailer hitches features the Burley Trailer hitch.
Converting Bike Trailers to Hand Trolleys – Josh’s post on walking bike trailer discusses using the Burley Flatbed Bike Cargo Trailer in this capacity.
Bike Trailer Video’s Part 1 – Josh dug up this amusing video of someone cruising around town pulling a Burley Child Trailer with a cello in it behind their double-decker bike.
Burley Encore Trailer Review – Gnome reviewed the Burley Encore Bike Child Trailer having a great time with his son.