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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Jame’s Progress Report + 10% OFF BikeBagShop.com Combos!

We’re running a great special at BikeBagShop.com. All of our Bike Gear Combo discounts are 10% off thru July 7th. This is a great time to get geared up with an Ortlieb, Arkel, Jandd or Vaude package for a big summer adventure.

Talking about our sale brings to mind our BikeBagShop.com sponsered rider James Bowethorpe who is approaching the halfway point of his round-the-world by bike record breaking attempt.

Our Very Own Jeff Hankens, Featured Bike Commuter

We’ve been a bit behind the ball on some of the happenings around the Bike Trailer Blog with how busy we’ve been this spring and summer. So this post is a bit late. But it is still worth mentioning how excited we were that our own operations manager and lead programmer, Jeff Hankens was one of Flagstaff’s featured commuter during Bike-To-Work week last month.

Read all about Jeff’s impressive 25 mile daily bike commute here at FlagstaffBiking.org. Jeff is pictured in front of the Bike-At-Work trailer that he used to use for a former job picking up recycling in and around Iowa State University. The trailer has been serving the dual purpose of both use for our big deliveries and as a sign advertising the Bike Trailer Shop. We decided to make the Xtracycle part of the backdrop and you can’t miss Jeff’s trustry blue Ortlieb Front Roller Classics.

Jeff has been back riding strong after a rough autumn of recovering from back-to-back broken collar bones.

A Lightweight Tandem with Trailer for Touring Scenario

The Scenario:
We are planning a self-supported tandem adventure in Switzerland. The tandem is a Davidson race tandem, with cross frame but pretty much standard road setup rather than stout tandem weight hardware. The components are all Dura Ace and it has 32 spoke wheels. We are planning on traveling light and taking a trailer to hold all out stuff so we can ride some with the trailer and some without.

The Carry Freedom City looks like a really nice carrier. I like the way it looks and how easy it would be to wheel along from planes, trains and hotels and on to the bike with no taxis, buses, etc. So, is this going to be a good combo for our tandem?

Bike Trailer Blog’s Answer:
I recently did a 9 day tour in Scotland with a tandem and using the Carry Freedom City, and it offered many advantage and a few disadvantages to other trailers. Have a look at my Carry Freedom City Review.

A Rear Bicycle Rack & BOB Trailer Scenario

The Scenario:
The Kona Sutra 2009 with Topeak Explorer MTX Tubular Rack with Disc Mounts.

The Problem:
The 2009 model Topeak rack was changed from the 2008 model. The 2009 rear rack connection/eyelets are now just above the quick release where the 2008 model has it the rack eyelets on the frame. Now I cannot hook up a BOB trailer with the rack on the bike at the same time.

Bike Trailer Blog’s Answer:
There is one approach that I would recommend to using a rear bicycle rack and BOB Trailer combination with a 26″ or 700c wheeled bike such as the Kona Sutra. The Tubus Disco rack. This rack is designed to clear the disc calipers on your bike.

Chariot & Croozer Bike Trailers On Sale!

BikeTrailerShop.com is currently running some great specials on Chariot and Croozer Trailers. They are offer 7-10% plus Free Shipping on these great trailers through next Tuesday, June 16th.

Chariot Carriers is known for their premium child transport systems. All of their Carriers are made with incredible attention to detail. The Cross Country series, made up of the Chariot Cheetah, Chariot Cougar and Chariot CX are available in 1 0r 2 child versions. My favorite aspect of the Cross Country Series is the seamless flow between different functions. The Cheetah, Cougar and CX can be used equally well for cycling, strolling or jogging. There are even additional kits available for skiing and hiking.

The Chariot Carrier comes as a chassis only and we find our customer purchasing for any and all of the above combinations of uses. BikeTrailerShop’s Operation Manager, Jeff Hankens recently became the proud father of a baby boy, Abe. Jeff decided to get a Chariot CX-1 for it’s great all around use. Their choice was one purchase that could be used for all the variety of adventures that he and Sarah would be taking Abe on in the coming years. To start, they are mainly using the CX-1 for a stroller (with infant sling) and once Abe is a bit older will have him out on bike rides.

Xtracycle To The Rescue

On a typical day, my Xtracycle provides assistance in relatively obvious ways: bringing home loads of groceries, hauling extra clothing, books, and food into school for a long study session, or even delivering beer to a friend in return for a favor. Indeed, living with the Xtracycle may be a bit challenging at first, but with time, the Xtracycle may have the opportunity to help you solve unforeseen dilemmas, just as it did for me.

Dilemma #1

Last summer, I purchased a new cyclocross frame in anticipation of the upcoming cyclocross season and assembled it at a local bike shop with the help of my boyfriend. Once the bike was completed, we realized that we had no easy way to bring the bike back to our house, as we had ridden to the shop. Fortunately, one of us had ridden there on the Xtracycle. Problem solved!


The Xtracycle loaded down with a cyclocross bike