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We get to see and touch and test all sorts of great cycling gear here at our world headquarters. But we actually get to meet very few of our customers in person.

We just know you are out there taking pictures of your amazing cycling adventures. We want to see them! The best ones will be shared on the relevant section of this blog: Bike Cargo Trailers, Bike Touring, Bike Technology and Family Cycling.

Monthly Archives: November 2009

Cyber Monday Deals

Today is Cyber Monday and great deals abound on the Internet. To that end, we would like to tell you about some of the deals we are offering on Bike Trailer Shop and Bike Bag Shop to make your holiday shopping experience that much easier.

Vaude Panniers and Bike Backpacks Sale

We are currently offering great savings – between 10-20% throughout the holidays – on Vaude bike backpacks and Vaude panniers. Vaude bike backpacks and panniers make great gifts for the cyclists in your life, and with the great savings we are currently offering, you can get high-quality gifts for affordable prices.

Vaude is a family-owned German company, well-known throughout Europe, for their high-quality outdoor gear. We recently picked up the Vaude cycling line, which includes a wide assortment of high quality, durable, and good-looking bags for commuting, touring, mountain biking, and more. Vaude’s bike backpacks are designed specially with a cyclist in mind, and they offer convenient organizational features, comfortable distribution of weight across your body, hydration systems, rain covers, helmet holders, and more. Vaude’s bike panniers also offer a great assortment of features, sturdy mounting to most bike racks, and more. We look forward to expanding our selection of Vaude products in early 2010.

The Sprung Chicken Ride

With the snow starting to fall here in Flagstaff, AZ, we must take care to ward off cabin fever. One method is to keep tabs on various bike touring adventures going on around the world. Why not ride vicariously and let others do the work for a few months while we enjoy the snow?

One such adventure that we have been following for the past few months is the Sprung Chicken Ride. The Sprung (no, not spring) Chicken Ride is the brainchild of Mark and Denise Arundel. The Australian couple are successful business partners who run Multilocus Interactive, which is a visual communications and photography business. In 2007, the couple realized that despite the good success of their businesses, they were working too much and did not have enough free time to do a variety of important, non-work related activities in their lives. Consequently, they decided to step back from the business slightly, and in 2008, they came up with the idea to cycle around Australia.

Vaude Bike Panniers & BackPacks

bike-alpin-black-rearFor the upcoming holidays, we’ve put Vaude Panniers and Vaude Bike Backpacks on sale. We are running this sale through the holidays and offering 10 to 20 % off. Vaude is well known in Europe for their high quality outdoors equipment. Vaude has had a strong presence in the US within their camping and backpacking product ranges. The cycling line of Vaude is now being strongly introduced by Magura USA. Over the past year, we have been offering a selection of the Vaude cycling line at the Bike Bag Shop.

bike-alpin-blackWith Magura USA stepping up the offering within the US, we will be increasing our offerings off Vaude into their full cycling line. Early on in 2010 we will be introducing additional Vaude bike backpacks, messenger bags, commuter panniers and rackpacks.

For now, have a look at our current selection of Vaude and check out the great holiday specials!

Burley Child Trailer Closeouts!

Holiday shopping season is descending upon us, and Black Friday is just around the corner! Want to avoid the throngs of holiday shoppers this year? At a loss for new gift ideas? Bike Trailer Shop can help!

We are currently offering closeout pricing on all – yes, you read that right, ALL – of our Burley Child Trailers. Burley makes top-of-the-line bike child trailers so that you and your family can enjoy the great outdoors together. Burley’s child trailers are great for transportation and recreation.

This closeout sale is an opportunity you really don’t want to miss. Burley will not likely be making any major changes to their bike child trailer line in the next few years, so this opportunity may not be available again for a few years. So if you want a great deal on a Burley Child Trailer, the time to act is now! This sale will continue as supplies last, so get yours before we run out!

Burley Honey Bee – $239!

The Burley Honey Bee, which normally sells for $375, is closing out for $239. The Honey Bee is a versatile family trailer that allows you to buzz around town with your family running errands and having fun. The Honey Bee includes a stroller kit, which makes this great trailer even more adaptable to fit your needs. Like all Burley trailers, the Honey Bee is designed to meet all ASTM standards and is built with a roll-cage and 5-point harness to keep your little one(s) safe.

2009 Burley Child Trailer Closeouts!

burley-logoWe are offering up all of our 2009 Burley Child Trailers at closeout pricing. This is an excellent opportunity to get a top-of-the-line Burley Child Trailers at incredible savings.

Burley will likely not be offering any changes to their bike child trailer line for several years. This means this is the final opportunity to get a closeout Burley child trailer for quite some time.

Any Burley Child Trailer would make a great Christmas gift. Act quickly as supplies are limited.

The trailers are priced as follows:

2009 Burley Honey Bee for $239 (marked down from $375)

2009 Burley Solo ST for $349 (marked down from $549)

2009 Burley dLite ST for $539 (marked down from $599)

2009 Burley Encore for $399 (marked down from $449)

Big Day At!

bikeshophub-0181We’re having plenty of excitement today at the Bike Shop Hub.

First off, our customer service/accounting specialist, Megan, is the proud new mother of a beautiful baby girl named Neva. Neva was born on Saturday night.

And second up, we are welcoming on board our new programmer, Frank. We are very excited to have Frank joining our team. Frank brings a wealth of experience in e commerce and web programming skills. Frank will be coordinating the launch of our new website and the move of into the platform that is shared with and Beyond that we will be looking to Frank for leading the charge of improving the as the center of our web shops. We have plans for setting the as a central spot to see all of the reviews, specials, FAQs and other features of our niche shops in one location. We also have plans to increase our blogging activities at the BikeShopHub’s blog with frequent, lively and often time humorous updates about what’s going on here at the shop alongside announcements about new products and sales. Finally, we will be launching a forum presented by the The forum will be a place to discuss the various products that we carry and will be organized in a similar manner as the shops for ease of navigation. We will use the forum as a place to answer customer questions and encourage active discussions and debates about all related products as well as a wide variety of cycling issues.

Introducing The Wandertec BAGeL – Bike Trailer Wheel Bag

wandertec-bagel-20-inch-stock1We’ve just introduced a new product, the Wandertec BAGeL – Bike Trailer Wheel Bag. This is a wheel bag designed specifically for carrying 16″ and 20″ bike trailer wheels. When transporting and storing bike cargo, pet and child trailers, it is often quite helpful to remove the wheels in order to make the trailer more compact. But then you have two wheels floating around to deal with. We decided to make a tough little bag to protect the wheels and keep them organized.

Most two-wheeled bike trailers these days have wheelchair style hubs. Wheelchair style hubs utilize 2″ to 3″ axles. The BAGeL is designed for two of these wheels to fit together, by putting the axles of each wheel between the spokes of the other wheel. We have included a set of foam covers to protect the axles and the spokes when they are configured this way to be packed away.

As an introduction to the BAGeL, we are offering a free BAGeL with the purchase of all of our Bike Child Trailers and select Bike Pet Trailers and Bike Cargo Trailers.


Introducing the Wandertec BAGel

Yum, yum, kinda makes me hungry…to get out of the office and off on a great adventure with a bike trailer, that is! Wandertec and Bike Trailer Shop are excited to announce the introduction of our next product in the Wandertec bike trailer accessory line – the Wandertec BAGel – Bike Trailer Wheel Bag.

The BAGel wheel bag is the perfect solution to traveling with or shipping your bike trailer. Traveling with or shipping your favorite bike trailer usually requires you to remove the wheels, and you are left with two loose wheels rolling around and potentially causing trouble. To make life a bit easier and keep those loose wheels in check, we have developed the Wandertec BAGel, which provides you with a convenient and sturdy bag to stow your wheels away for the trip.

Pet Bike Trailers – Bring Your Furry Friend Along

This post is for all of the animal and bicycle lovers out there. Do you find it difficult to ride away from home with your loyal pet(s) staring longingly after you? I know it is difficult for me! My dog always makes a fuss when I leave home without him, and I really enjoy bringing him along on adventures. Fortunately all the pet lovers can rest easy and bring their favorite furry friend(s) along on adventures and errands alike with a pet bike trailer.