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We get to see and touch and test all sorts of great cycling gear here at our world headquarters. But we actually get to meet very few of our customers in person.

We just know you are out there taking pictures of your amazing cycling adventures. We want to see them! The best ones will be shared on the relevant section of this blog: Bike Cargo Trailers, Bike Touring, Bike Technology and Family Cycling.

Monthly Archives: May 2010

More Wandertec Bongo Trailers On The Way

It’s been a hectic month at Wandertec. We’re getting our new building ready to move into, working on several new Wandertec products for our Wandertec BONGO Trailer trailer, and hustling to keep up production on our current offerings. This week we’ve been working on a new batch of trailer frames, which we make right here in Flagstaff. After a couple days of cutting, bending, drilling and filing, the pieces are all ready for welding. This is what they look like before they meet Stuart.


And here’s Stuart. He’s a top-notch metal fabricator.


Here’s a shot of all the pieces in the jig and ready for tacking.


Stuart took a break to repair a high mileage BOB trailer for a friend. Stuart’s idea of taking a break is welding steel instead of aluminum.

Stuart-BOB-trailer-repairAnd back to work.


And here they are all welded up. We’ll drill the load bed mounting holes, clean them up, and ship them off to get anodized.


Wrap Up of Flagstaff’s Bike-To-Work Week

flagstaff-bike-to-work-week-with-burley-child-trailer-cropWith our big move over the previous weekend, we were a bit preoccupied to have been an active supporter of this year’s Bike-To-Work week here in Flagstaff. That being said, we certainly participated. Being in our new downtown location, we are now in a much better location for everyone to be able to easily ride to work.

Once again, Flagstaff Biking did a great job hosting the event. I had a chance to enjoy Wednesday’s bike breakfast and attend the wrap event at the Green Room on Friday evening which included a bike fashion show where I got to bring the events mc up onto the stage on Xtracycle towing a Wandertec BONGO Trailer. It was quite the scene, but unfortunately no picture to post here.

Riding in on Wednesday, I did get to take a few pics of this Mom riding in with her son in their Burley Bike Trailer. With having recently launched the we are very interested to here about how parents are bike commuting to work with children along for the ride.


The Big Move

bike-shop-hub -melanie-moving-extrahwheel-forks-cropIt’s been a whirlwind over the last two weeks and the dust is just starting to clear enough for me to settle down and report on what we’ve been up to. The mountain we were up against was moving our office, inventory and shop from our crammed in shop (1000 square feet) in East Flagstaff into our much expanded shop (3700 square feet) in downtown Flagstaff.

The first week mainly involved the logistics of getting the new space set up with internet wiring, painting and shelving. The shelving was the biggest part of the project as we were setting up multiple rows of pallet shelving and rivet shelving. With Casey managing the shelving project and Frank on the wiring, everything came together right before last weekend and we were ready for the big push with all of the inventory.

Friday evening we cleared out all of our bike child trailers and bike cargo trailers from the storage box that took up the driveway in front of the old shop, loading them into a U-Haul truck. This allowed for us to get the storage box picked up and out of the way. We parked the U-Haul for the night and relaxed for the evening in anticipation of the big push over the weekend.

bike-shop-hub robin-and-josh-stacking-boxes-cropThe next morning we met at the new location to unload the first load out of the U-Hual. With the second load, we cleared out the remainder of our inventory, mainly our bike bags and bike racks as well as all of our desks, shipping tables, shipping supplies and everything in between. With the third and final load, we cleared out our shelving. Sunday morning we had gotten our entire shop into the new location and it was time to organize. Throughout the day, we sorted out as much inventory as we could onto the shelves in anticipation for being able to ship on Monday morning without skipping a beat.

Monday morning we came into the shop and resumed business as usual. It was a bit chaotic, sorting, organizing and finding stuff as we shipped, but it went as well as we could have hoped for. The week, definitely kept us busy as we hustled to try to get the inventory into a better state of organization.

At the end of the week here, with things settling into place, everyone was very glad for the weekend to arrive. It’ll be nice to see things really settle into place over the next month. Beyond getting our office and warehouse organized, the two biggest improvements ahead will be getting our products all up on display for Flagstaff customers and getting the Wandertec shop set up in the back. We anticipate all of this coming together sometime towards the end of June and having our grand opening celebration.


John’s Wheelchair Revisioned as Bike Trailer

John sent us images of his bike trailer that he fashioned over the weekend from an old wheelchair. Recycling and DIY mixed together are always great to see.

From John’s blog Hacking 5hit:

“It started as two pieces of 1/2″emt (electrical conduit, $1.80ea @ Lowe’s), an old wheelchair discovered in a pile of junk behind someone’s house (I paid them $20, probably could have been free), a piece of uni-strut from a garbage can outside WSECU in downtown Olympia, an air-hose coupling from Harbor Freight (already had this but not more than $2 new) and the bin was ~$12 on sale @ one of the big Lowe’s-Depot stores. There is a little bit of aluminum angle stock from my scrap bin and a bit of scrap hose for the flexible bit of the hitch.

Back-on-Bike for Spring, Burley Trailer SALE!

July 17th Update: and’s final Burley Trailer sale of 2010 is going on now!
ALL Burley Cargo, Child & Pet Trailers are 10% off thru August 10th

Summer is almost here, and I know I’m itching to put lots of miles on my bike for the season.

The Bike Shop Hub makes it easy to enjoy that o’ so fantastic biking weather with a Burley sale, offering high quality Burley products at a discounted price from now until June 7th. Not only are ALL Burley Trailers 10% off, but when you purchase multiple items, you get an additional 10% off of the accessory items. Throw in the standard free shipping with purchase of any trailer, and you’ve saved enough to get some additional bike bling, or that upgraded iphone you’ve been eying.

For the Tourer or Commuter

Maybe you have a long tour scheduled this summer, or maybe you gave up your 4-wheeled gas hog for your 2-wheeled work horse. No matter what the situation, the Burley Cargo Trailers are beefy and reliable for carrying heavy loads, with the advantage of being lightweight as well. The Nomad is one of our most popular trailers, because of the fact that it is very versatile and easy to use. It has a large packing enclosure which works great for groceries or for camping gear. It’s easy to add cargo space too with the Burley Nomad Cargo Rack.

Diamond Plated Beauty

George sent us some pictures and a brief story about his recently created DIY trailer. George has been living car free since June 2009 and commutes to work on his bike. The majority of his daily 18 mile round trip commute is on bike trails but he wanted a bike cargo trailer to do grocery shopping and have the extra carrying capacity for things his bike alone couldn’t handle.

George conducted some thorough research and decided that the ready made trailers on the market weren’t for him, so he opted to build his own using the Wike DIY trailer kit. He added a little extra bling with a piece of 1/10″ thick aluminum diamond tread brite plate. George constructed the side railing out of 1″ black anodized aluminum tubing and nylon connectors. The overall size of the trailer bed is 2′x4′ and can hold at least a month of groceries, tools, and the kitchen sink.

Burley Sale Extravaganza

burley_rev_dlite_03The Bike Trailer Shop and The Bike Kid Shop are running their annual Burley Trailer sale. Now through May 31 all Burley trailers are 10%, off including 5% off all Burley accessory items. Now is your chance to get your hands on one of the bike trailers that have defined child bicycle trailers. Burley has been synonymous with quality child bicycle trailers for years, they have become the industry standard for child trailers and continue to produce innovative quality products. The lasting quality of Burley trailers is seen in their years of use, often being passed on from one family member to the next or from one friend to the next, providing fun and smiles for many generations of young ones. The sale also includes Burley’s line of cargo trailers, perfect for hauling groceries and cargo around town or hauling your gear on your next bike tour

The Burley Solo St and the two child Burley D-lite are Burley’s flagship models offering suspension, jogger/stroller conversion and with all Burley trailers they are at home behind a bicycle. New for this year, Burley has introduced the Burley Bee and affordable update of the popular Honey Bee. For 2010 Burley has updated the timeless Burley Encore and Burley Cub with new styles and looks for the new decade. If you need a quality, versatile, comfy ride for your child, look now further then a Burley child Bicycle trailer

burley 2Although Burley is known for their great child trailers they also produce an innovative line of cargo trailers as well. The Burley Flatbed is a great around town’er, do everything cargo trailer that can collapse away when not in use. The Burley Nomad is giving other touring trailers a run for their money, with is light weight design and spacious interior the Nomad is perfect for any trip or tour. If you don’t want to leave your fury friends at home then check out the Burley Tail Wagon, redesigned for 2010, the Tail Wagon was the first pet trailer on the market and continues to lead the way in pet trailer technology.

New for 1010 Burley has introduced the Burley Travoy. Taking a different approach to cargo trailers the Travoy is designed to be one part bicycle cargo trailer, one part hand cart and one part dolly. The Travoy attaches to the seat post making conversion to a hand cart super simple. The Travoy is also available with custom bags to make carrying you load even easier

Whether you are looking for a good looking, great riding bicycle child trailer or a functional sturdy cargo trailer Burley has the answer to your needs, and during the Bike trailer Shop and Bike Kid Shop Burley sale it is even easier to get your hands on one of these great bike trailers.

burley 3

I Have Lost My Fiancee


Lone Peak Bags 10% off thru May 25th!

This is our first year selling Lone Peak Bags and we are very excited about these high-quality bicycling bags that are hand-made in the USA. We decided to do a 2 weeks sale offering the full line up of Lone Peak panniers, handlebar bags, messenger bags, rack-top bags and frame bags at 10% off.

lone-peak-pannier-set-load-on-bridgeHave a look at our introductory post to Lone Peak Bags. Get yourself a set and see where the road takes you!

Moko’s Daring Bike Trailer Duo

Moko sent in these images of his bike cargo trailers. Moko definitely looks like he is getting some interesting things done with his Bikes At Work trailer. Without it, it’s hard to imagine how he would take out the dog on the bike and pick up the kids with their bike.