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2010 Utility Cycling Year in Review

On December 31, 2009, we published the first ever Utility Cycling Year in Review. At the time, Utility Cycling was actually only one 1/2 year old, but we had enough material to warrant a review nonetheless. Now, another year has passed, and Utility Cycling is continuing to grow and evolve, so we wanted to step […]

Commute by Bike’s Top 10 from 2010

2010 was a big year for Commute by Bike. I thought we’d wrap up with a list of the top posts from the year. Coming up with the top ten wasn’t easy to do. Sure, we know how many people have visited each page, but posts from early in the year have had a head […]

Choking on Congestion Charges

Charging determined motorists and using their dollars to reinvest in alternative methods of transportation sounds like a genius scheme. However, between the lack of sufficient evidence that it actually improves conditions for cyclists and pedestrians.

More DIY Studded Tires and Winter Riding Tips (Roundup)

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about these DIY snow tires using zip ties. One of our readers, Matt, gave it a try. “The zip-tie thing was a complete bust for me,” he wrote in the comments. “All of them snapped on the way home.” Disappointing as was that news, there are still DIY […]

The Rise of the Commuter & E-Bike Specialist Shop (Part 2)

Price is not a big thing holding people back from buying an electric bike at Hybrid Cycles. The reality is that when you break down the life cycle cost of an e-bike compared to an automobile it is much, much less.

The Haulin Bass Project: A Musical Mission by Bike Trailer

John Teske is a Seattle based bassist and composer who tows his upright bass on a custom-made bike trailer that is seven feet long by three feet wide. Teske raised more than $1000 to build the trailer, with rails, lights, and padded supports to protect the bass. I bike everywhere, except for rehearsals and shows. […]

Richard Schwinn Talks Advocacy on “The Outspoken Cyclist”

If you expect America to succeed, to increase wealth, we have to get the cost of living down, so that we don’t have to have such high wages in order for people to live a good life… Cycling is a key part of it.

Merry Christmas 2010 from Commute by Bike

“The Great Debate” Goes Mainstream?

It’s a good thing that more stakeholders are now being drawn into the discussion, right? Or does it carry the risk that the media’s reductive tendencies will paint the various sides of the debate into grotesque caricatures, such as equating cycling infrastructure to a “war on cars?”

Attack of the Cycling Santas (Roundup)

For the last day or two, I can’t seem to open a browser without seeing Santas on bikes.