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Monthly Archives: December 2010

The Haulin Bass Project: A Musical Mission by Bike Trailer

John TeskeJohn Teske is a Seattle based bassist and composer who tows his upright bass on a custom-made bike trailer that is seven feet long by three feet wide. Teske raised more than $1000 to build the trailer, with rails, lights, and padded supports to protect the bass.

I bike everywhere, except for rehearsals and shows. I’ve tried rental cars and bumming rides, and I’m tired of getting strange looks from the bus driver when I pay for two.

The Seattle Times reported on Teske’s unique trailer project in July 2010.

Touring Latin America with a Cyclone

Here’s a photo sent in by Pierre, who is seen relaxing in Oxaca, Mexico with his Radical Design Cyclone III Cargo Trailer.

Pierre with his Radical Design Cyclone III Cargo Trailer

Click image to magnify your jealousy.

Final Holiday Zinger #5 Wandertec BONGO Trailer $299!

wandertec-bongo-large-cropThe Final Zinger of Zinger week is the Wandertec BONGO Bike Trailer, the trailer that we manufacture In-House. Now thru Decemeber 26th, we are offering $30 off on both the large and small version of the Wandertec BONGO Trailer.

Holiday Zinger #4 Ortlieb Velocity Messenger Bags $85

ortlieb-velocity-silver-front-stockThe Ortlieb Velocity Messenger Bag is our forth Zinger of Holiday Zinger week. It is marked down to $85 from $99 through December 26th.

Burley’s New Accessories Trickling Out + Sale Extended

Burley had quite an exciting year on the new product front with the introduction of the Burley Travoy and their updated line of child trailers. Going into 2011 Burley is rounding out 2010′s big introductions with the introduction of new accessories.

Now is a great time to pick up an excellent deal on Burley Cargo Trailers and Burley Child Trailers with our Burley Holiday Specials. The 10% off sale has been extended through December 26th. Burley’s make a great gift for your favorite bike commuter, bike touring adventurer, cycling family or yourself.

The Burley Travoy was introduced out of the gates with a great selection of bike accessories. The Upper & Lower Market and Transit bags offer great utility for the Travoy while the Travoy cargo tie-down straps are a great solutions for securing bulk loads. The rain cover is a simple, neatly folding away solution for keeping your gear dry.

For 2011 Burley is adding several bags as well as an interesting hitch adapter to their lineup. The new Burley Travoy Duffel Bag priced at $89 is the first single bag for the Burley Travoy that covers the upper and lower sections. This is a great bag for the Travoy if you frequently find yourself carrying longer awkward shaped items or just prefer using just one bag rather than a combination.

Holiday Zinger #3 RackTime ShoulderIt $49


The Racktime ShoulderIt is third up for our week of Zinger specials. They are marked down to $49 thru Dec. 26th. This pannier makes a perfect holiday gift for your cycling honey!

Holiday Zinger #2 Tubus Cargo $99


For our 2nd Zinger for Zinger week, we are offering up the Tubus Cargo rack in both 26″ and 700c sizes for $99 through December 26th! The Tubus Cargo is a great rack for bike touring or bike commuting and makes a great gift for the cyclist in your family who is interested in outfitting their bike with an extremely solid, reliable and long-lasting bike rack.

Holiday Zinger Week Kick’s Off with the Racktime TravelIt


We’re kicking off a week of holiday zingers today. We’ll have a new zinger sale everyday through Friday on a selection of our bike bags, bike racks and maybe even a special bike trailer. All of our holiday zingers that we will be launching this week will be running through December 26th.

To get things going, we’re posting up the Racktime TravelIt for $89!

Neil on the Hunt with a Wandertec BONGO

Neil sent us this intriguing photo from his recent elk hunting trip in Montana. Here is what Neil had to say about the experience: