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Monthly Archives: February 2011

A Commuter Trailer as a Job Benefit

Remember my first post here, Cat Food Run with a Burley Travoy?

Of course you do. Don’t get all misty eyed on me now.

Pet food loaded on a BOB bike cargo trailerOver at Commute by Bike, I’m back in the pet food department.

I’ve put up a poll with the question, If your employer had a communal bike cargo trailer, would you bike commute even more often?

At Bike Trailer Shop, we want to promote the idea of a bike cargo trailer as a job benefit for bike commuters–to get them to bike commute even more.

Tandem Wheelie and Trailer Train

I love wheelies. I’m not so good at them anymore, but I’m a sucker for them.

Last night, I had a dream that I was doing a wheelie on an adult tricycle. Please leave your psychoanalytical theories in the comments.

Brown Cycles of Grand Junction Colorado makes KidzTandems, which are tandem bikes with the stoker position in front, and the captain position in the back. I’ve seen these before, but never got the point. Then I saw this:

KidzTandem Wheelie

Hallelujah! | Photo: Brown Cycles

I get it. I totally get it now.

Epic Tours (Roundup)

As you may know, BikeShopHub is the publisher of UtilityCycling. In the past, we’ve covered a lot of epic tours over on our sister site, but we are now going to be switching gears (oh puns…) so to speak, and BikeShopHub will now be taking over the reporter position.

Here are a few of the tours we’ve covered over the past few months to give an idea of what we plan for BikeShopHub.

First up is the amazing James Bowthorpe who cycled around the world on a global tour.


James originally volunteered at the clinic to get experience in a medical setting for med school applications, and he was interested in Parkinson’s, as his grandfather had been afflicted by the disease. James quickly realized that the research was very important and extremely underfunded, and thus he began his quest to ride around the world. James’ circumnavigation of the globe by bicycle is being done with a sense of great urgency. Not only is he trying to break the world record for riding around the world, he is also trying to raise 1.8 million pounds for Parkinson’s Disease research, as well as raise awareness of the disease.

Replacing Bike Trailer Bearings

For those of you who are having trouble finding a way to replace bearings on “commodity trailers” (i.e. cheap trailers) wikiHow has a step-by-step tutorial on what parts you need to use and how to do it in just 16 steps.

Nasty Bearing

Photo: WikiHow

While top-end bicycle trailers like those made by Bob and Burley have replacement parts available, the commodity trailers from the local discount store, on the other hand, are almost impossible to find information on, let alone buy replacement axles or wheels for. Here’s how to demystify and overhaul a common design of bicycle trailer wheel.

Moving a Kentucky Home on Bike Trailers

“Moving day” is perhaps one of the most stress inducing phrases a person can hear in their adult life. I should know, I’ve had to slog my junk across my hometown about five time in the last four years.

But bike-enthusiasts, we’ve got great news! Andy Dyson, Executive Director for Bicycling for Louisville, managed to move the contents of his Kentucky home from Smoketown to Schnitzelburg–about 1.4 miles–all on pedal-power!

The Hills Are Alive Tour: Sights of ‘The Sound of Music’

To some, folding bikes sometimes look dorky and/or awkward thanks to a much smaller wheel diameter. But in many cases, looking like a dork is the price paid in order to visit many beautiful and interesting places where normal bikes are too bulky to travel.

Of course, there is always an exception to the rule such as in the case of Montague Bikes, who have managed to design full-sized folding bikes that look great.


Photo: Montague Folding Bikes Blog

Recently, Montague rider Hernani Cardoso undertook a journey from Austria to Bulgaria after being inspired by the amazing visuals from The Sound of Music.

The trip was long and somewhat difficult, but in his online interview with Montague Bikes, Cardoso recalls the details of his trip with clarity and enthusiasm.


Photo: Montague Folding Bikes Blog

Riding in and around Salzburg it is a very unique experience. The views are wonderful and you can visit all The Sound Of Music sites on a bike. Salzburg was a surprise to me and I will be glad to go back there.

To make his trip, Cardoso used an Extrawheel Voyager bike trailer with Extrawheel panniers to get his stuff across the border and through the urban and rural European terrain. Bike Shop Hub is the U.S. distributor Extrawheel trailers and accessories. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us for more information.