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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Chariot Cougar With Gepida E-Bikes

A reader recently sent in this photo with her Chariot Cougar 1. We were interested to hear that they were pulling this bike child trailer with an electric bike. Here at the Bike Shop Hub, we are about to add in a lineup of electric bikes into the mix of what we do and our very excited by their applications for family cycling.

Here’s a photo of us trying out a Chariot Cougar 1, being pulled by a Yamaha powered Gepida e-bike. We had great fun zooming past everyone else, even with a trailer. They must have thought we had bionic legs!

The Bike Friday Trailer

I did my monthly paper roll pickup at the Daily Sun, this time with the Bike Friday I am testing for Commute By Bike. It was a good opportunity to test out the capabilities of the suitcase/bike trailer that is available for traveling with the Bike Friday. Not only does the Bike Friday fit into the suitcase for travel, but it hauls a pretty decent sized load. I was impressed that I was able to fit the five paper rolls and my Racktime Workit Commuter Pannier and still shut the suitcase.

Burley Solo Ready for PreSchool to be Over

I’ve been noticing this Burley Solo Bike Child Trailer locked up in front of a Flagstaff Preschool on my way into work. Seems like a great way to bring your child to school and then have your trailer where you need it when you pick your kid up after work. Looking at this example, I do have a few recommendations. I would recommend that the Ulock run past part of the trailer’s aluminum frame rather than the plastic wheel guards. A 4 foot cable would add some security running it through the wheels and frame to the lock. A Burley storage cover would also protect the trailer from the elements.

The Suave and Sexy Josh Lipton on Outspoken Cyclist

My online ego has been battered by the posting of the least flattering image of myself that I can imagine. Our blog editor, Ted Johnson, decided to use an image from a recent electric bike photo shoot for a Commute By Bike post about my interview with Diane Lees of Outspoken Cyclist

Along with this ridiculous image of me, which could not be any more embarrassing unless there was some sort of pee stain darkening my pants, my ego was bruised by a blogging cyclist from the Philippines indiscriminately categorizing my interviewing style as goofy.

I’ve decided to litter this post with my favorite photos of myself looking good as my online rebuttal to my self-image crisis. In the Outspoken Cyclist interview, Diane kindly gives me the opportunity to go on and on about my work in the cycling industry and explain our network of specialty cycling webstores and blogs.

Go listen to the interview (starts at minute 42) …… suave or goofy?

Bike Parking at NAU

I rode into work with my wife last week. It was nice to see that they had decent bike parking facilities for the employees at her new job at NAU’s extended campuses building.

The Monowalker Cycling/Walking Trailer

A while back, Kai Fuchs of Monowalker contacted us about his new product to see if we would like to publish it on our website. Well a year later, I’m finally getting around to posting something up about this interesting direction for bike trailers. I’m not actually sure if I should call this a bike trailer as that is just one of its potential uses.

This hybrid product is first and foremost a walking trailer. The walking setup involves a single-wheel configuration as well as a handle and harness system. The primary intention is to be able to carry large loads over hiking trails without having to support the weight with your back.

Walking trailers are a rare breed of product, designed for hikers that prefer to keep the load off of their back. We’ve dealt with a few customers here and there who have been interested in the concept. One customer transformed a Burley Nomad into a walking trailer for his walk across the US and another of our bike cargo trailer, the Radical Designs offers up a walking trailer as well. Chariot Carriers makes a hiking kit for their lineup of bike child trailers as well. This niche market seems quite small in the US, but with the growing popularity of “walking holidays” in Europe, it seems to be a growing segment.

Bike Friday Rides the Grand Canyon

Little Red Riding Hood’s Grand Canyon Brompton Ride

On our trip to the Grand Canyon last weekend, we decided that rather than catching the bus to the start of the Kaibab trail, we’d park and ride the 1 mile rim ride to the trailhead. Folding bikes available in the back of the trunk are excellent for unplanned conveniences and adventures such as this.

Grand Canyon Weekend on Folding Bikes

My wife and I decided to take a quick weekend getaway to the Grand Canyon. We tossed the Brompton and Bike Friday folding bikes into the trunk of our Corolla thinking we might do a little riding. These bikes turned out to be perfect tools for tooling around the South Rim.

Not the Troll

This ugly Troll Doll has been being passed around the office showing up on people’s desks and other spots. Today seemed like an appropriate day to pass it off to the interwebs.