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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Don’s Parrot on a Bike Rack

Don sent in this great photo of his parrot adapter stand perched on the back of his seatpost rack. With the parrot dominating the rear storage of the rack, it looks as if Don has to ride a bit heavy loaded with a milk crate on his Old Man Mountain Rack  and an Arkel handlebar bag perched over it all. I think that Mango is a bit spoiled.

“Mango likes new rack she now has more space to ride. Thanks for the service I do need a type of basket than a milk crate thanks.”

Sanitov Cargo Bike with Built in GPS

There is a GPS chip in this beautiful looking cargo bike to help with theft prevention! Perhaps in a few years this will start becoming standard issue for cargo bikes and bikes of all stripes.

From the manufacturer:

Sanitov Studio is happy to introduce our Cargo-bicycle Concept and the Campaign Go Bicycle Before Its Too Late. Sanitov have successfully exhibited its Design Concepts as a part of the official selection of the London Design Festival, and as part of the Bicycle Film Festival at the Barbican.

Todd’s Cold Springs Rack on Surly Pugsley

Todd stopped by the shop to brainstorm the best setup for an Old Man Mountain Rack on his Surly Pugsley. While we do offer a Cold Springs setup to fit the Pugsley, Todd wasn’t impressed with the setup and had some ideas for improving it. We brainstormed the idea back and forth a bit and in the end Todd was convinced he could bring it all together. Check out his story and pics below.

“I bought a Sherpa rear rack from you to mount on my Pugsley. Didnt like it. I was up there a couple of weeks ago and convinced one of you to sell me a Cold Springs front rack to try. I had to make a couple of custom mounting brackets to make this work. Check it out at MTBR.com” (or see below)

Find Family Bike Fun at the BikeKidShop.com

EDITORS Note: Megan wrote this post about a year and a half ago when we were launching BikeKidShop.com. It got missed and buried in our drafts, so I figured why not resurrect it. Enjoy…

The bike community has expanded greatly in the states over the last 20 years with heightened awareness of environmental issues. Wandertec was inspired with this utilitarian idea in mind, and has been geared to make integrating biking into your lifestyle easy and affordable since 2006. Starting out with the Bike Trailer Shop, we were able to bring a new element to bike touring and bike commuting. We included bike panniers and bike racks as well, but decided that they needed their own spotlight, and launched the Bike Bag Shop in 2008. The popularity of the bike child trailers grew with the multi-use features and increased comfort options available from the high end brands we carry. Thus, the Bike Kid Shop was born.

Being a biking mom myself, I was very excited to be a part of making the Bike Kid Shop happen. It was really liberating to be able to turn to my trailer for exercise once I had my little girl. She’s not old enough to bike with yet, but I am able to jog, stroll and ski with her thanks to the variety of conversion kits we carry. Products like the Baby Supporter and Infant Sling in conjunction with the 5 point harnesses included in all our trailers, really help to make me feel comfortable that my baby is safe and secured. She also seems pretty comfortable considering she falls asleep every time we jog the trails or go down town.

The Kid Shop offers high quality brands like Chariot Carriers, Burley Trailers, and Croozer Trailers which all have multiple conversion options. Burley offers the classic line up of trailers which have been updated and the features fine tuned for a quality child transport machine. It is always the old, reliable Burley trailers you see cruising on the bike path which were hand-me-downs many times over. Burley has made long-lasting trailers for many years, and really lives up to the burliness of the name.

Flagstaff Summer Bike Commuters

A couple of snapshots of cyclists breezing by in the Flagstaff summer air. Don’t let the summer pass you by without making sure to get in some good riding yourself…

Bike Shop Hub Trailer Lineup

I recently did a little tuning up of the Bike Shop Hub trailer fleet. These are the trailers that we keep around for shop use and when customers want to borrow one for a couple days to really get a sense for how the different styles of trailer feel on the bike. The lineup includes an old style BOB Yak, an Extrawheel Voyager, an early prototype of the Wandertec BONGO and a Carry Freedom City.

Commute by Bike Taxi

I was in New York City about a month ago, and I was really impressed by how many bike taxis there were. It really appears that bike taxis are taking over the city. It got me wondering what were the forces behind this strongly emerging trend. I suspect some combination of economic, fashion and environmentalism. I’m guessing that easy permitting by NYC authorities is certainly helping the trend. Either way, I’m glad to see that New Yorkers are getting on bikes more and more whether its riding a bike themselves or commuting by bike taxi.

Saving The World With Bikes

This is what I call a lucky snapshot. I was recently visiting family in New Jersey and as we drove by this bike shop I noticed this great sign in their window. A cyclist was conveniently riding by at the same moment, doing his part to save the world.

Ted’s Vapid Vacation

I took a vacation from Commute by Bike earlier this month, and turned it into five posts on Commute by Bike.

One of the highlights was a visit to Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. This is my wife, Cyd, turning one of nature’s wonders into a Bike Shop Hub advertisement:

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

Oh Cyd, how crass!

Truthfully, we took a couple versions of this shot with me holding the bottle. Looking them over, I had to finally admit that she’s cuter than I am.

Here are the five posts on Commute by Bike:

  1. Vapid Transit
  2. Snap Judgements on Silverton, Montrose, and Salida
  3. How to Blow $20 in Boulder
  4. Public Art You Cant See from a Car
  5. How does your town say No Bicycles?

Final 2011 Ortlieb, Tubus, Racktime Sale + BikeShopHub.com Logo Panniers!

We’ve just launched our final sale Ortlieb, Tubus and Racktime for 2011. With all of these incredible bike bags and racks at 10% off through August 24th, I thought I would take this opportunity to announce the new BikeShopHub.com logo panniers that we just got in. We decided to have our wheel logo emblazoned across a bunch of yellow and black Ortlieb Back Roller Classics. The logo was done at the factory in Germany at the same time they put on the Ortlieb logo, so you can be sure it won’t fade. Here is a photo of Ted fresh of my camera riding in on a Kahlkoff Pro Connect that I will be posting a review of over at CommuteByBike.com any day now.