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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Mike’s Full Featured BOB Ibex

There are quite a few ways to outfit a BOB Trailer.  Mike took it to an extreme by decking his BOB Ibex out with a Wandertec SAX Liner, a Greenspeed Rack and Delta Water Bottlecages.  The real topper is the wooden fender that makes this one of the coolest looking BOB setups I’ve seen.  If you’ve got an interesting BOB or other bike trailer setup that you’d like to see published, send your photos or video here.

“Thanks for the terrific service and great product. Thought I’d share this with you.”

Recollections of a Ladder Pull Behind a Trike

What is your bike trailer story?  How have you moved and been moved by your use of a bike trailer?  Send in your photos and stories about your bike trailer or other bike accessory related photos and stories to share and be seen here.

The Ladder Pull in Bill’s Words:

I have been riding my trusty steed for about three years. I have enjoyed it. It had a sun shade on it for a while but the vibration kept braking the soldier joints on the copper pipe frame. I finally took it off and am trying to find another plan.
I had the need for a ladder across town. I needed a way to transport it. The doomed three wheeled baby stroller  became the rear wheels of my parade.
I got there and back. The nice ladies gutters got cleaned and I did not have any of my friends do the hauling for me.
I am sure the next time I will do it different but it got there and back safely. The other thing that you should know is the whole process was very heavy.

Special Request Fulfilled: Dinosaur with Machine Gun

A recent customer asked for a drawing of a dinosaur with a machine gun with is Burley Flatbed Bike Cargo Trailer.

Dinosaur Request

We were happy to comply.

Norman the Dinosaur

Click to see full size image -- you know, if this one isn't big enough.

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