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My 2013 Resolution: Shut up about how great bikes are

My teenage son has his first job. He is working at the ski resort on the West side of that there mountain. His commute is about 14 miles, one way. I’d love to say that he is commuting by bike, but I don’t think the thought has even crossed his mind. He does not have […]

My Bikey Christmas

I get bike-themed stuff for Christmas. No surprise. I bet you do too. This year, I opened a gift from my wife, which she thought was a small metal sculpture — a wall hanging. I noticed that there is no loop on the back to receive a hanging hook. And I also noticed something strange […]

The Mayan Apocalypse and Cycling Irrationality

Today is December 21, 2012. The Mayan Apocalypse has not happened. But it’s early in the day as I write this, and there’s still plenty of time for solar storms, a geomagnetic reversal, a surprise collision by a Ninja planet, or whatever. I’m not counting on it. My attitude is akin to Brent Cohrs, who […]

The Economics of a Cycling Event in Tucson

The Economics of a Cycling Event in Tucson

Jean-Paul’s “Incroyable” BionX

Bonjour, je suis Mr. Jean Paul je viens de pass une commande pices BionX, je suis trs contant de votre site BikeTech Shop, rapide paiement avec PayPal, de France au tat Unie, merci. Cordialement, Mr. Jean Paul. Bonne ftes toute l’quipe Google translate: Jean-Paul is very happy with his BionxX purchase from Bike Tech Shop. […]

Recommendations on and Alternatives to Seatpost-Mounted Racks

Via e-mail: I’m in the market for a new bike rack and I’m not finding reviews on them. Specifically seat post racks. Are there any reviews I may be missing? -Tim There don’t seem to be any seatpost rack reviews on Commute by Bike from my tenure or before. My Delta seatpost rack has […]

Bicycle Sounds

Bicycle Sounds

No Regrets: Good, Cheap, Bike Commuting Accessories

I used to buy really low-quality bike accessories for myself. I’d walk into a bike shop and I’d be that tragic combination of ignorance and sticker shock. So I would buy crap. The tragedy is that back then I had more spending power than I do now — what with a mortgage and all that […]

Alex Moulton’s answer to, “Don’t those small wheels slow you down?”

When I heard that Alex Moulton had died, the first person I thought of was Al Capello, owner of Portapedal Bike, in Tempe, Ariz. When I visited Portapedal earlier this year, Al revealed himself to be an aficionado (a.k.a. fanboy), and he gave me test rides on the most expensive bikes I’ve ever ridden. He […]

Things You Can Do With A Bike

Things You Can Do With A Bike