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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Rudy’s Tour de Water 2012 Bike Tour

“Water and sanitation are the building blocks of human life and dignity.  Without them, people will forever struggle to move forward with their lives,” so states Blue Planet Ride‘s website – part of the Blue Planet Network.  This guest post, brought to you by Samuel Hagler of Ride For Good, details one of Blue Planet’s latest conquests:

. . . .


For the third year in a row, Rudy van Prooyen is pulling a Bob trailer for a good cause.

SAN DIEGO, CA was Rudy van Prooyen’s last check in point. Rudy plans on riding to three coasts across the US. He will be finished in late August.

Rudy is riding for safe water across the world and has partnered with The Blue Planet Network to raise funds for this cause.

The facts are that unlike all of us, over one billion people on this earth have no safe drinking water. Women and children may walk up to 6 hours a day to get water, and even then, it may not be enough, or safe enough to drink. Many drink contaminated water and then get sick. 2.2 million human beings die each year from water borne illnesses. 6,000 people die every day and 240 children die every hour. But there is hope, because the solutions are so simple and collectively we have the power to solve this human crisis that is going on in front of our very own eyes, tragically mostly unnoticed.

Doug’s Wandertec “Bongo” Bakery Build

More and more businesses are hitting the streets with more eco-conscious delivery-by-bike services.  Doug utilized our very own Wandertec Bongo cargo trailer as a platform for Oakland’s Fat Bottom Bakery cupcake transportation cart.  Doug remarks, “You have a great trailer design there.  It was very easy to work with and very light.  A really sensible design throughout.”

Our compliments back at ya, Doug.  Top-shelf concept and construction, and we love the custom paint job!

Also support the production of our latest and greatest bike cargo trailer: the even mightier Wandertec “Tuba today on Kickstarter!


Chariot Child Bike Trailers: Save up to 35%

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Save up to 35% on Chariot Child Carriers

Our huge ongoing sale on Chariot Child Carriers just got… huger.

It’s not just the 2011 models.

Now the 2012 carriers and all Chariot accessories are getting in on the act — but only through September 4.

Save up to $330.00

No child carrier is as versatile as a Chariot, with conversion kits for biking, jogging, strolling, hiking, and cross-country skiing.

Chariot CX1 Bike Child Trailer
Chariot CX1 Bike Child Trailer2011 Model. The ultimate in performance and comfort. A single-child carrier, has it all, for both you and your child.
$949.00 $619.00

Cufflinks and Bike Blog Love for the Wandertec Tuba Bike Trailer

Avant Garde Design is supporting our Kickstarter project with five pairs of handmade bicycle chain cufflinks.

This is a new reward, now available on our Kickstarter project page for the Wandertec Tuba Bike Trailer. We call it “Fancy Backer.”

Avant Garde Bicycle Chain Cufflinks

Please promote the project on your social networks and blogs. We have 12 days to go, and less than $20K to raise.

End-of-Summer Chariot Sale! Chariot Company Profile

2012 model Chariot Carriers and all accessories and kits are now 20% off through September 3rd at Bike Kid Shop.  2011 model Chariot Carriers are also still currently 25 – 35% off.  Feel more comfortable buying from a company that you know and trust?  Get to know them a little better:

Every Chariot Carrier is proudly designed and engineered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  We are guided by principles such as family togetherness, outdoor activities, health and fitness, balanced lifestyles, environmental sustainability, corporate responsibility and an ongoing commitment to transforming your family outings into unforgettable memories.

Sound like the kind of company you feel good about buying from, being the responsible consumer and parent that you are? Ashley Wong from Thule Child Transport Systems gives us more insight into the company.



BSH:  When was Chariot founded?

AW:   The company was founded by Dan Britton in 1992. Dan is still with the company and is the Director of Innovation.

BSH:  Can you give us a brief history from the inspiration behind and birth of Chariot to the company it is today with a very strong global presence?

AW:   Enhancing active lives with innovative child mobility products. Chariot provides safe, innovative, high-quality child transportation products to help active parents maintain and encourage healthy outdoor lifestyles with their children.

Bill’s Ortlieb-Revelate-Extrawheel Extravaganza!

Extrawheel trailers are on sale!! at Bike Trailer Shop thru September 4th.  Showcasing the Extrawheel Voyager‘s tremendous cargo carrying capabilities is Bill’s custom built ready-to-tour bike.  The setup includes a Revelate Designs Tangle frame pack, the rack mounted and ever-popular Ortlieb Back Roller Classics in black and yellow (black and yellow black and yellow, everything we do, we do it big), and Extrawheel trailer.  This beast is guided by cycle-computer and held steady with the Pletscher double kickstand. Bill comments, “(the kickstand) does make installing the trailer a snap.” The only slightly more space-efficient carrier would have been one of the Revelate frame bags, made to maximize the carrying space in the front triangle. Impressive build, Bill, and happy touring!

Release: Flagstaff Company Targets Suburbia with New Bike Trailer

The Wandertec “Tuba” is for Car-Sized Errands

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. – Aug. 20, 2012 – Wandertec, a leading online retailer promoting products for everyday bicycling, has announced a new bike trailer aimed at urban and suburban cyclists wanting to reduce or eliminate the use of the family car.

The idea behind the Wandertec Tuba is to provide the same level of convenience and spaciousness as a car’s trunk or backseat. Most consumer bike trailers don’t have this kind of space. So even the most dedicated cyclists have to fall back on using a car for very common load sizes.

Wandertec Tuba Bike Trailer

Rick’s Sick Helmet Plummage, Bro!

Rick has been a busy collector on his 10,000 mile bike journey through the southern California desert.  1200 miles in, he has collected eight feathers from eight different species of bird.  Wonder what the next 8800 miles will bring?  And the rest of you: beware the mighty and elusive mythical desert peacock.


A Bike Trailer for Car-Sized Errands

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The Wandertec Tuba:
A Bike Trailer for Life-Sized Loads

Some errands are an excuse to use the family car.

Sorry, America, we want to change that.

We’ve designed a trailer for carrying the loads that used to go in your back seat or your trunk. We call it the Wandertec Tuba.

And we’ve made a video to tell you about it:

Wandertec Tuba Bike Trailer - Play Video

It’s a trailer for the minivan lifestyle — without the minivan.

Mark and Archie Head to Work

Mark and son Archie have an 8 mile commute by bike to work.  “He loves the top bar seat as he can constantly ask me questions along the way!”  Love the stylish helmet and boots Archie!