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“AdBicy” Man-Powered Advertising Trailer

Advertise-by-bike!  We’re already big fans of the Advert Trailer by Extrawheel.  BizzOnWheels sent us their alternative: The AdBicy.  According to Bizz (May we call you Bizz?), the AdBicy is perfect for “reaching the busiest pedestrian areas (tactical positioning of the mobile banners).”  To be fair, the AdBicy cycling team does look pretty tactical.

Nat’s Kid-Powered Bike Train

Celebrate the first days of autumn by going for a nice long bike ride with your children — all of them.  Nat attached a child trailer to his daughter’s trailer-cycle which is attached to his own bike.  The result: Bike Train!  Not to be confused with our recently reported Aussie Road Train bike and trailer.  Nat comments, “We love our bike train and have met many new friends because of the fun set-up.”  I’d like to throw it out there, however, that a train’s not a real train without it’s loud warning whistle.  Check out our new Biologic Blast Airhorn.  Then you’ve got yourself a legit locomotive!

Bike, Trailer-Cycle, Child Trailer. In that order.

Nuno Bikes and BOB’s Through Portuguese National Park

Nuno accounts:

I like to travel on the unknown trails in the mountains, in complete autonomy, in the company of one or two friends, overcome obstacles and meet the locals.  I may live in a very small country, but one that’s big on natural beauty and full of idyllic locations.

Peneda-Gerês National Park, Nuno’s chosen idyllic location in this case, is described by a European National Park site:

In the extreme North of Portugal, between the Atlantic Coast and the Spanish border, remnants of wildlife that once roamed all Europe have survived next to the vestiges of long lost civilizations.

Only on foot or astride a garrano pony can one appreciate the vast expanse and diversity of Peneda-Gerês. Walk along narrow shepherd trails or on the ancient cement of Roman roads…..  [It] is the refuge of some of Europe’s last surviving great predators. A transition zone between the Mediterranean and the Euro-Siberian regions with a hodge podge of microclimates and new plants on every new trail.

One of these “last surviving great predators” listed is …..a badger.

Here are Nuno’s photos.  We’re happy to see that he opted against going the ol’ garrano pony route and instead chose his trusty bike and BOB.

Peneda-Gerês National Park, Portugal

(Not So) Rare Xtracycle & Burley Sighting in Flagstaff

It’s a beautiful day here in Flagstaff (with only the very slightest color enhancement).  So take a tip from this family cyclist, get out your Xtracycles, child seats, and Burley trailers, and force those children of yours to enjoy the beautiful days of summer with you while they last.  Officially you have four days left.  Ready….Go!!

Jay’s Boat Mast Bike Trailer Build

How do you get a 24 foot mast and boom to its 20 foot sailboat if the boat is 30 miles away?  Sound like one of those algebra questions from high school?  Jay’s got the answer and even used ratios to explain his decisions.  He built a trailer, attached it to his bike, and made the long, hilly journey over.  “It was a fun project and a fun day.”  He also made a video of his journey if you find yourself in a similar situation and could use a few pointers..  Here are some of the highlights.

Testing the turning radius.

Road testing – 30 miles to go!

Trevor’s Pedal-To-Petal Custom Compost Bike Trailer

For those of you in Victoria, BC who want to give back to the soil that sustains you, but don’t have the time or energy, or don’t know where to start,  Pedal-To-Petal has a solution:

Pedal-To-Petal is a permaculture-based collective of bicycle loving food security activists who are taking direct action to reduce carbon emissions and landfill waste and to feed the soil and the city’s hungry.

We offer weekly pick-up of kitchen scraps to your residence or business in Victoria, BC. We provide sturdy, air and water tight 5 gallon pails for your scraps, and flexible pickup schedules. Most residences fill up one of these every other week. Our business clients tend to fill one or more buckets every week.

This is Trevor’s full-time job – hauling compost from Pedal-To-Petal clients in his awesome compost bike trailer-mobile!

Richard’s Aussie Road Train Inspired Bike Trailer

Richard from Viña del Mar, Chile found inspiration on the Bike Trailer Shop pages.  He constructed this simple single-wheel trailer out of the extra rusted steel he found laying around his home.

I used a 26″ wheel with an old fork  and polished the rusty steel.  In a week I’ll travel with my girlfriend to Patagonia with our trailer that looks like an Aussie road train. I’ve proven that you don’t have to pay a lot of money to build a bike trailer.  On the internet and in Chile, people sell homemade trailers for $160. I only spent $4 in paint and tire rubber cost.

I had to google “Aussie road train” and this is what I came up with.  See the resemblance?  Actually, yes.  Quite comparable, Richard.  Agreed.

Aussie Road Train comparison approved!

Jay’s Big Wheel BOB Trailer Mod

Cool Jay builds mountain bike trails in his spare time and sometimes uses his BOB Yak to get to his “work sites.”  In order to make the Yak more trail-friendly on rugged paths, he added a larger tire.  Sounds simple enough…

I made a couple mounting brackets that bolt up using existing holes on the Yak as well as the existing dropouts.  This way it can be completely reversed to original set up.  I mounted a 24″ wheel and made the brackets such that the ride height is approximately the same.  The wheel base is about 5″ longer, but it has not been an issue as of yet.  The bigger wheel/tire combo also gives me some peace of mind with regards to flats, and this way I don’t have to carry an extra tube as a 26″ tube will work in a 24″ tire when in a pinch.

BOB trailers are still on sale at Bike Trailer Shop.  Get a good deal on yours while the nice weather holds out.  What you do with it after that is up to you!

Ten Ways to Promote the Wandertec Tuba Bike Trailer

We have mere days to go to fully fund the Kickstarter Project for the Wandertec Tuba Bike Trailer.

Currently we have just over one-third of the $25,000 we need to raise.

If you’ve already pledged, the only way to get your rewards will be if the project is fully funded.

To see these trailers on the streets, on bike paths, and behind your bike, here are some things you can do.

Ten Ways to Promote the Wandertec Tuba Bike Trailer:

  1. Pledge — at any amount
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  2. Pledge Again
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  3. Promote the Tuba on Facebook
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