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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Ross’s Pollution-Reducing Pyramid Ride

Tomorrow is Halloween and there will be plenty of little ghosts and goblins out hunting for candy.  Others will hole away indoors watching spooktastic movies about monsters and mad scientists and their wild inventions.  Which brings us to Ross’s invention: the Purviance Pyramid — shown strapped to his Xtracycle bike trailer, deck, and racks.  Here’s the story and science behind it:

If you know anybody in Los Angeles ask them how the chemtrails are in LA. They will probably tell you, “There aren’t any chemtrails in Los Angeles.”  They would be correct.  There are chem tails in Los Angeles instead of the long chemtrails. You can see the chem tails and the S Curves. With the purviance pyramid moved before 7:00 am 5 miles (It may have to be around 5:30 a.m. during summer) you will no longer see the long streaks of poison chemtrails. You will be free. You don’t have to project any intention or anything any mental or spiritual projections other than your natural heightened spiritual beingness. All you have to do is move your purviance pyramid 5 miles before 7:00 a.m. every day.

Commuting by bike is a good way to keep the air clear of pollutants…..  or purchase your own purviance pyramid if you must.  We’re all doing our part.

Learn about chemtrails, spiritual projections and more on Ross’s website.  Happy Haunting! OooOOooo!!

Jordan & Papa Trail-A-Bike to School

Dave and granddaughter Jordan cruise to and from school by Adams Trail-A-Bike.  “She’s the only kindergartener that gets picked up with the bike limo.”  Lucky Jordan, and love the helmet!  Enjoy those nice crisp autumn days while they last before the kiddos start complaining about the cold winter ahead — and complain and complain and complain they will!

Bob’s Adams Trail-A-Bike Re-Purpose & “Tidy Cat” Panniers

The polls are officially closed — Our “most creative trailer build” award is going out early this week!  Bob’s trailer knocks the concept of “re-purposing” out of the park:

I bought a used Adams Trail-A-Bike off Craigslist for $50.  Cut off the handlebars. Removed the drive train.  Replaced the wheel with a stronger BMX wheel.  New 100psi recumbant tire. Installed a rear wheel rack and attached it to the seat post using the support section from the handle bars.  Installed a metal fender.  Attached 2 removable waterproof kitty litter pannier boxes to the rack using S hooks bolted through the boxes.  Top of the boxes are level with the rack.  I almost gave up on the project due to the trailer wobbling horribly as weight and speed increased, which I fixed by wrapping the U joint with strips of rubber bike tire tubing, with a final cover of electical tape.  This makes the joint very stiff, which doesn’t easily allow for tight turns, but as it completely eliminated the wobble problem it is a minor concern.

Send us your re-purposed bicycle photo submissions so everyone can witness your total awesome-ness as well.

Nuno’s Muddy BOB-Aided Adventure: Round Two

Nuno has been busy touring his home country of Portugal by bike.  Last time he checked in he was busy BOB-ing the local National Park, wine in tow.  Nuno’s most recent adventure took him and his trusty BOB from Entroncamento to Castelo de Bode – an approximate 20 mi. (30 km) ride.  “The weather was fine on the first day, but on the second it was raining. [Despite the bad weather] the trails were nice and included a few river crossings.”  BOB Trailers are currently 10% off!  Small investment, big adventure!

Scott’s Trailer-Cycle Build

Another inventive Burley Trailer-Cycle / Adams Trail-A-Bike inspired build!  Here is Scott’s version:

I modified a Bob Yak trailer fork to use as a trail-a-bike attachment which allows my son to ride next to me on the trails, then I can re-attach him when we get to busier areas. I’ll be adding some pannier racks and a detachable wheel for more cargo capacity. This is not quite the finished product yet, as I will also be adding a custom paint-job and a few other accessories.

Check out our other customer attempts at trailer-cycle builds from our past post!

BUT… Here comes Betty Buzzkill (on a Friday nonetheless!!).  We love our customers’ inventiveness, but we are huge advocates of the child safety standards set in place.  We’d therefore recommend sticking to the use of professionally manufactured trailer-cycles.  Burley, in fact, recently introduced their exciting and versatile new Burley Plus Trailercycle Conversion Kit which easily converts Trailer-Cycles into high-quality free-standing children’s bikes.  And! Burley trailers and trailer-cycles are now 10% off! at BikeKidShop.  As long as we’re going down this road, don’t forget your helmets either!  If for no other reason, make it a fashion statement kiddos!

May we recommend our fun Sunlite Squeeze Horns as an accessory in-the-running?!



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Leslie & John’s Thoughts on Ortlieb

We’re always happy to hear from our customers, and we’d love to see photos from the trip.  Thanks Leslie and John!  And enjoy your tour!

Hi everyone at Bike Shop Hub,

John and I are putting together our gear for a month’s bike ride around Ireland.  We ordered the Ortlieb Classic Rollers (rear) panniers and couldn’t be happier.  They’re easy to pack; large open mouth, stand up on their own, and are of great quality.  I also love how easy they are to put on and take off the rack. We bought the yellow and red packs, eliminates the black hole problem.
We also purchased the medium classic handlebar bag.  It holds our phones, cameras, wallets and more without the threat of them getting wet. We also like that you can open the bag while on the bike. We’re prepared to get drenched but are confident that we will have dry clothes when we reach a B&B.

I plan on purchasing from the Bike Shop Hub again and would recommend you to my friends.
Robert and crew did an amazing job, thank you!



Back-Roller Classics and Compact Handlebar Bag

Bike Bag Shop now carries Ortlieb’s new Front-Roller Classics designer series!

David’s “Little Red Trailer”

In David’s own words:

About six years ago I decided I would turn the resources of my display business towards making affordable cargo trailers during off-peak times.  The next idea was to try to make them out of as much recycled material as possible.  After thinking “how hard could it be?” I spent the next six years finding out it’s not that easy.  However, after a lot of polishing I now have rugged affordable and useful product.

Check out David’s “Little Red Trailer” on their facebook page.  Also check out our review of the “Little Red Trailer” on Commute by Bike.

Tim’s Electric Bike Trailers

Electric boost bike trailers are pretty awesome.  We especially dig the Ridekick, which makes hills less daunting and carrying cargo easy on the legs.  Tim is also manufacturing his own version, pictured below.  As he puts it, “The surging cost of gasoline and a desire for a greener commute are turning more and more people to these electric push trailers to propel their bikes.”  Good call, Tim.  Check out his products at