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Yearly Archives: 2013

Burley Nomad Trailer – The View from the Bike


This is a perspective you don’t see often.  Riley attached a camera to the back of his bike to film his sturdy Burley Nomad cruising along the road near the seaside and on a dirt trail.  The  trailer itself is loaded with camera gear and it looks snug and tight inside the trailer.   It looks like it was a nice ride!  However, you might want to use caution watching this if you are prone to motion sickness (reminds me a little bit of sitting backwards in the far backseat of the old station wagon watching the world go by in reverse). Enjoy!

Ted’s Leisure Trailer – Built for Fun


Ted recently shared with us his sturdy trailer build that looks like a party on wheels!


Ted explains the origins:
I built this bike trailer in the spring of 1987 in Calgary, Alberta. It was designed to supplement a backpack and front pannier bags, and to encourage a leisurely travel pace through exercise.
Two main challenges by this design: replacing a tire and accelerated downhill speeds. 


In addition to a lot of cargo space, he’s also outfitted his rig with a solar panel, front and rear lights, and detachable speakers.   Not only does this trailer look like a great bike touring and camping rig, but we think it could be an excellent addition to a picnic, tailgate, or BBQ.

Stellar Rhonda Review!!

This Vaude bag review comes from our very valued customer Rhonda:

Just received the Vaude Cycle 22 combo bag today and tried it out immediately.  It’s terrific.  Hope you will continue to carry this bag as it is really wonderful for commuting or just for those of us who don’t like to carry things on our body when we bike.  I am going to direct my sister to check out this bag for herself.

I found out about this bag via online reviews but it was for one of the earlier models 25 or 30.  The 22 and 28 are an improvement over the earlier models as I can see from the reviews as I like the 3 pocket/compartments on the bag as well as the 2 side pockets that are not mesh.  And the pannier feature folds nicely into the bottom.  I had considered a Detour’s backpack/pannier bag, but issues with the pannier attachment in a review was concerning.  Also the features of Vaude were better.

Planning on doing bike travel, as I purchased a touring bike.  Will consider your company for my touring pannier purchase as your prices appear competitive.

All our best on your adventures, Rhonda.  Stay safe, take lots of photos and keep in touch!

– The Bike Shop Hub Team

**Vaude** is also currently *** 25% OFF *** so cash in while you can!!

Rob’s Trike Build

Rob, a fabricator by trade, has a pretty sweet build he shared with us after buying a spring for the project:

I help put on a fundraiser for a non-profit called Kammys Kause ( for more info).  So along with making the event happen I make something to auction off.  I was offered an old radio flyer tricycle to restore and found out I could basically buy all the parts and put it back to new.  Didn’t think that was cool so I decided I would build one.  This bike started as a ’96 GT Vertigo.  I stripped the paint and cut the rear off, polished out all the chrome and built the rear swing arm.  It has a 1/2″ solid stainless rear axle with the left side machined down and threaded 3/8 x 26 to fit all the nuts and bearing nuts so the left wheel free spins.  It’s keyed for the drive sprocket and keyed for the hub I made so the right wheel is fixed to the drive shaft.  I had a buddy replicate the font style of the original graphics but used KK and Kammys Kause in place of the GT and Vertigo.  Painted it satin white with a pearl clear. It’s mostly original besides some bolts that wouldn’t clean up and the wheels and tires.

Uuuuh.  We think it’s freakin’ awesome and that’s all we have to add!


JILL’S NEWSFLASH!! Ohio is good for biking!

According to Jill, a news director in Cleveland:

Ohio is a surprisingly good area for biking.  And I absolutely love my Ortlieb Back Roller Classic with BSH logo.  These panniers are incredibly versatile and hold tons of gear (or $200 worth of groceries).  I use them for commuting to work, for pleasure rides and even for grocery shopping.

Yes.  You can bike to the store and haul home plenty of groceries effortlessly (or maybe minimal effort at least).  Check out all of our panniers including Ortlieb and grocery-specific designs.  Or if you need an extra boost (I’m embarrassingly raising my hand over here), pickup a Ridekick Trailer.  Seriously.  Worth it.

Mark’s Revelate Equipped Ride

Mark Falanga Revelate‘d the crap outta his bike:

I ordered a bunch of Revelate bags from you for a five-day San Juan Mountain Hut bike ride.  The system that you put together for me was incredible and because of the system, my bike performed so well on all terrain, going up mountains, down mountains and on level grades.

Create memories out of your bike adventures with Bike Bag Shop and email us your stories.

Bill’s Endless Summer Wandertec Build

Beach season coming to an end?  Nah, the season never ends for Bill & Wife!

Thought you might like to see my Wandertec trailer in action.  I built an aluminum box with perforated aluminum sheet floor. Super light and easy to pull onto the beach. We use it regularly.  I built it for my wife as a Christmas gift, but I somehow get the task of pulling it. Funny how that works. We seem to be quite a scene when we pull it to the beach, which is a ½ mile away. She rides a few bike  lengths ahead of me and clears me through intersections while I steam through as fast as I can get that single speed beach cruiser to go. Awesome fun.

The creativity of our customers is endless, much like summer, and never ceases to astound!



Cycling Keeps Jim in Shape!

BOB in tow:

Out riding my bicycle yesterday 80 miles.  Staying in shape for the finishing of my cross America bicycle trip which is restarting Sept 17 from Rapid City SD to Key West Florida.

Over the last couple of weeks been debating whether to cycle across all of China or all of Canada next summer.

I’ve already pedaled from the southern Canadian border to the Arctic Ocean last summer.  That was the most challenging trip I ever took.  You can see the pictures from that trip in some of the very early postings on this blog.  Peddling from Seattle to Rapid City was almost just as challenging because the passes in the mountains were much steeper and longer for the most part.  But in this area there is lots of hotels. In the Arctic one can go for 300 miles along a rode without finding civilization.  I did it.

Riding a bicycle to Key West from South Dakota is very easy compared to the first part of this trip. Having the most difficult part behind me now will bring mostly rolling hills with the odd small steep one.  I have done this portion previously when I pedaled to Winnipeg from Florida.

Feeling motivated?  Because BOB‘s are currently on sale.  And checkout Jim’s blog for further motivation.

Sergeii’s Piano E-Bike and Road to a Million

“My goal is to get Paul McCartney’s attention to endorse bicycle e-power to the music industry.”

The contraption fueling this goal: Sergeii’s Bionx powered bicycling piano.  Best of luck to our ambitious, innovative and bicycle advocating friend — We’re rooting for you!

**Waarschuwing!!** for Solar Panel Experimentation

Michael of Belgium’s warning for the cycling community:  “Be careful with your bike trailer/solar panel experiments!”  He speaks from experience: