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Australian Family’s Crazy Taxi Trailer

Kent Jefferies Bike Trailer

Kent Jefferies of Queensland Australia recently sent in this interesting little set-up used for his grocery trips. Kent, his wife Fon and son Sharif are pictured with the above trailer.

The area (Queensland) is known as the dry tropics. The arrangement that you see was used for grocery shopping when I lived back in a place called Wodonga in Victoria. Now I have a kiddie Chariot trailer taking the place of the BOB as we have an increased family size and a larger grocery bill for it. I also arranged my Chariot trailer to hitch to my son’s Greenspeed Anura towed behind my GS GTO. The Anura can also be hitched behind the family trailer to aid propulsion and braking power. In all, it weighs 88 lbs.

His entire unique design was built entirely by his own hand save for the hood frame and enclosure, which was made by a local upholsterer.

Kent Jefferies Bike Trailer

Kent has revealed that the front and rear are equipped with Magura disc brakes and the smallest chainring has 23 teeth, which enables the trike to crawl at 2 to 3 mph (excellent for towing on inclines).

The trailer can be totally enclosed from inclement weather with the doors rolling up and down. The mudguards are just painted and folded corrugated plastic, and intermingled around the bars are bicycle LED rope lights.

Kent Jefferies Bike Trailer at Night

There is also a front switch that allows the rear motorcycle blinkers to operate via a seven-amp sealed battery under the seat (which can double as storage space). He hitched the trike to the trailer drawbar as per the instructions at

Great job, Kent! This tank of a trailer looks like it can be used for a lot of different purposes and given the climate you’ve described, it’s amazing how weatherproof you’ve managed to make it. We all cannot wait to see what creative designs you or the rest of our Bike Trailer Blog readers come up with in the future.

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