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Bike Trailer Videos Part 1

I’ve been gathering up cycling videos involving bike cargo trailers for your viewing pleasure. Though not a category likely to be given an award by the academy anytime soon, there is definitely some creativity and enthusiasm in all of these short films. Over the next week I’ll be posting my collection.

Extrawheel of Poland showcase their brilliant new single wheel bike trailer system. It utilizes a mounting system comparable to the BOB Trailer’s, utilizing a spring steel fork to quickly mount over a knobbed rear wheel skewer. The Extrawheel balances loads on either side of a composite fender/body. It is available with dry bags for loading gear into the two large gear nets. The Extrawheel is available with a 26″ or 700c wheel to match the bike it goes with.As seen in the video, this is looks like an excellent trailer for mountain bike touring. The rider takes the Extrawheel over some pretty serious terrain including rock gardens and water crossings. Extrawheel Trailers are coming to the USA this spring. Look for them in the coming months at the or find out more at

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This is pure entertainment watching this guy cruise through town on a double decker bike pulling a bike child trailer with his cello sticking out the top.

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  1. [...] on walking bike trailer discusses using the Burley Flatbed Bike Cargo Trailer in this capacity. Bike Trailer Video’s Part 1 – Josh dug up this amusing video of someone cruising around town pulling a Burley Child Trailer [...]

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