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Archive for May, 2005

Bicycle Club of Irvine, BCI

While I was at the press conference for Bike to Work Day, I noticed a large presence from the folks of BCI. So I decided to check out their site and found some great info. “The Bicycle Club of Irvine is a recreational and social cycling club for men and women of all ages and […]

Federal grants pay for that and a five-mile bike path

Here’s some awesome news! Wichita bikers will be able to pedal 25 uninterrupted miles on city bike paths, and the Minisa Bridge will be repaired without losing its historic style, thanks to federal grants announced Tuesday. Standing beside the Minisa Bridge just west of North High School, Deb Miller, the state’s transportation secretary, announced six […]

Driver pleads no contest in fatal bicycle accident

I’d hate to bring up some negative news, but there is a positive in this, justice prevailed. But what get’s me is the low fine of $558 that the driver had to pay for the incident. I mean seriously, a little girl died! I would think she’s worth more than a few bills. “ROCKLEDGE – […]

Starter Longsleeved Compression Shirt

A few weeks ago, I posted a review for the Starter Longsleeved Compression Shirt on I really like this shirt because it’s perfect for keeping you warm during the early morning commutes without overheating you. It’s a great addition to your current cycling wardrobe because its so thin that it just goes underneath your […]

Cateye Velo 5-Good Price!

The Cateye Velo 5 at Modern Bike has a real good price of $15.99. You might want to get one of these bad boys to help keep track of you mileage while riding to work. Here’s a list of features: The Velo 5 is CatEye’s entry-level computer. It features a new, larger screen and a […]

How much can you really save?

Ever wonder how much money you can really save by commuting to work with your bike? I’ve always wondered how much goes back into my pockets at the end of the month. You’re in luck! Here is an Excel Spread Sheet that will allow you to calculate your milage, cost of gas and over all […]