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Hundreds Ride to Work

Diane Wildfang, front, co-owner of the Rochester Hotel, sits on one of the hotel’s nine new Electra cruiser bicycles on Wednesday during Durango’s Bike to Work Day event at Buckley Park. The hotel bought the bicycles to encourage its employees to ride to work. Guests at the hotel also can use the cruisers when employees […]

Bikers tout 2-wheel commute One reason Nat Miullo rides his bike from his home in Wheat Ridge to his workplace in Denver is soaring gas prices. Another reason is time. “My commute, with parking included, takes 30 minutes while riding my bike only takes 25,” Miullo said. Other bike riders who participated in the 49th annual Bike to […]

Unchained from gas guzzlers, bike commuters get a workout on their way to work

Mary Golic, who works at the U., has biked to work almost her entire adult life. Read how 7 bicycle commuters get it done!

Bike Friendly City?

Welcome to Corvallis! There were a few more bicycles locked to the rack outside the Downtown Fire Station on Monday as the Corvallis City Council met for its noon meeting. But even on days when the city isn’t being recognized by the League of American Bicyclists as a Bicycle Friendly Community, there are lots of […]

West Vail man is ‘commuter of the year’

VAIL – Tim “TC” Carlson, a ski instructor and contractor from West Vail who rides to work in the winter and summer, has been named bike commuter of the year by ECO Transit. Carlson rides his road bike in the summer, but in the winter he rides a 20-year-old Diamond Back mountain bike with rust […]

Do You Have What It Takes?

We’re looking for a few good men and women that want to be featured as the “Commuter of the Week.” If you are a commuter and would like to share your story, hit us up and make sure you include your bio, your commute info, and a picture. Email us today!

Why Bike to Work?

This site is great! It teaches you all the things you may want to know about commuting and cycling in general. Riding to work costs less than driving or taking transit, especially if you already own a bike. Cycling allows you to stay in shape while you commute. A five-mile, one-way commute burns 300 calories […]

How to Create a Tool Kit for Bicycle Commuting

Ehow A good ride can go downhill quickly if you suddenly need to make a bike repair. Here are some basic tools to carry to help you get right back on the road. Steps: 1. Get a spare tube that fits the dimensions of your tires. 2. Carry a lightweight, portable tire pump that you […]


ONE OF THE GREAT THINGS about modern derailleur drivetrains is that they’re easily fine-tuned should the need arise. How do you know? Usually, the symptom that tips you off that adjustment is needed is hesitation during shifts. You click the shifter but the chain doesn’t quite engage the next gear the way it used to. […]

Rear Rack Pack II The Rear Rac Pac II is modeled after the Rac Pac I, with a roomy main compartment, a side opening pocket in the top flap, our secure five-point attachment system, 1/2″ 4 lb. foam padding on all six sides, 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material across the back end with a section for attaching a clip-on […]