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36″ Monster!

by RL Policar

Old fashioned style with quality craftsmanship, classic design and a smooth ride.
This beach cruiser is quite a unique bike. It’s the Monster Cruiser bicycle with 36″ tires and an old fashioned classic design. You’ll feel like a kid again riding the Monster Cruiser bicycle. Don’t let this bike’s huge, jumbo-sized wheels fool you. It is easy and fun to ride. Tower above your friends as the giant 36 inch wheels give you a true “over the road” feel. It’s perfect for casual riding, especially on the beach or in the park.

Some Highlights of Monster Cruiser Bicycle are:

* 36″ front & rear Coker button tread tires
* Chrome wheels
* Comfortable springer seat
* 30″ handlebars
* Rear coaster and front caliper brakes
* Available in White only

The Monster cruisers are large in size and ship in two boxes. We charge a low rate of $40.00 shipping which will pay for part of the shipping costs – we’ll cover the rest!

This is pretty cool, it only cost $499.00 for a new one! I guess the only hard part is putting that thing on a rack or truing it.

Check it out.

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6 Responses to “36″ Monster!”

  1. Chris says:

    Sorry, one more thing here I wanted to add regarding the description. The bike is NOT restricted to one color for all bikes. The women’s bike is white and the men’s bike is red. Also, the rims are no longer chrome. They are aluminum matte finish. You do truly get an “over the road” feel. In fact, I like to call this bike the “Semi” among bikes, since the tires are almost the same size as those on a semi. You’ll definitely have people staring at you as you ride by.

  2. Chris says:

    Oh, and I would add though…to the comment about it being “easy” to ride…not until you get the hang of it. Because of the enormously large tires, the “scrub” radius of the tires when turning kept bumping into my feet while I was trying to turn. I had to ride around on it for about a week to get used to the way it handles and how to turn without hitting my feet in the process. However, once you learn how it handles, it is an awesome bike to ride.

  3. Chris says:

    This information may be a bit old. Coker brought these cruisers back about a year and a half or so ago. They run about $699 if you order directly from cokercycles.com I bought mine through a third party at qualitytoys.com and it was the same price plus $35 for shipping. This is a real fun bike to ride. It has a coaster brake in the rear and a rim brake up front. It also uses a Sturmey-Archer 3 speed hub. I kind of wish it had more than three gears though, it can be a pain to ride up steep hills. I say from my own personal experiences…if you can afford one, BUY ONE!! You will LOVE IT!!

  4. Neal and Randi says:

    Saw a Monster Cruiser Bike this evening while riding down the board walk in South Mission Beach, San Diego California. Loved the look where can we get two of these great looking bikes???

  5. Wayne says:

    they need an MTB version!!

  6. paul jackson says:

    please let me know how to buy one of these Monster bikes. thank you, Paul

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