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Staying Cool While Commuting

1. Pick shorts for your ride that are comfortable and won’t get in the way. Stretch shorts have few seams and the tight fit keeps material from rubbing in all the wrong places. 2. Wear a breathable short-sleeved shirt. Biking jerseys are cool options and can be purchased in bright colors for higher visibility on […]

Electric Bike Kit-First Impression

The nice folks over at Wilderness Energy sent me the Electric Bike Conversion Kit to review. Yesterday, I received the packages and started going to town!   I unpacked the boxes and found all sorts of goodies!   I mounted the kit on my older Gary Fisher Tarpon. The whole thing only took about 20 […]

How to Bicycle Commute Safely

Commuting by bike ultimately means sharing the road with motorists. And though cars will often have the right-of-way because they’re bigger, there are things you can do to make sure your trip is as safe as possible. 1. Ride predictably in a straight line without a lot of sudden movements. This will keep you on […]


Some say its a recumbant others call it a tricycle….so which is it? The Twike is a lightweight (~500-800 lbs.) three-wheel, two seat vehicle. It comes in two models, and both feature electric motors able to take the car up to 130 kilometers at speeds up to 85 kilometers per hour — not quite freeway […]

The Grass IS Greener….

I only wish I could commute everyday to work with my bike. There are some days that I have to drive and boy do I hate it! I was on the freeway today and I cruising at a good speed of….15 mph!!!! Then I look to my right. Guess what I see? I bike commuter […]

Lauding Alternative Transportation

With sweltering temperatures and even higher humidity, a bike ride from London to Toronto is likely not on the top of anyone’s ‘to do’ list. But don’t tell that to Western students and EnviroWestern members Tom Ewart and Jordan Poppenk. The pair just returned today after cycling the 225 kilometres from London to Toronto over […]