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Archive for August, 2005

Gas prices top $3 a gallon

Three-dollar-a-gallon gas is here, just in time to hammer consumers for the Labor Day weekend. Spurred by concerns over pipelines and refineries that have closed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and pressured by the demands of holiday travelers, regular unleaded was selling for $2.99 per gallon at some Council Bluffs stations this morning, with […]

Ibex Trophy 770

The great folks at Ibex Bicycles sent us the new Trophy 770 to review. The 770 is pretty clean. It’s laced with some cool Shimano components, Avid mechanical disc brakes and my favorite feature on the bike, the Marzocchi EXR Pro Air. I took the 770 out just around the neigborhood and found it to […]

Giatex Sport stretching bike

I got to ride the Giatex Sport 20″ bike to work. Click here to read my review of this unique bike.

Giatex Sport Stretching bike review

We got a Giatex Sport 20″ from www.giatexbikes.com to ride around and review. This bike is unique because unlike the other portable bikes, this bike is a stretchable bike. The frame can be stretched to suit the rider. This unique system also allows the bike to be compressed/stretched in about 10 seconds. This bike was […]

I know you want one!

I only have a handfull of commutebybike.com stickers to hand out. So if you’re interested, shoot me an email.

PricentonTec Corona Extreme Bike Light first impression

We have partnered up with PricentonTec, they are a manufacturer of lights for all types of sports. They sent us a Corona Extreme Bike Light and a RF6 rear light to evaluate. As soon as I opened the package, I was surprised by the small and lightweight size of the Corona light and battery holder. […]

Pedal power

St. George resident John Swofford belongs to a biker club. It’s not what you think: There are no Harleys or loud engines or leather jackets among this group. In fact, this club is more of a mindset and it includes a group of fellows who commute to work each day from Staten Island to Manhattan […]

Que Onda Guero?

I recently got the new Beck CD, Guero. All I can say is, Muy Bueno! I uploaded it to my Rio Cali MP3 Player so I can listen to it when I ride. You can purchase Guero Here.

The Princess is Here!

Ok folks, my lovely wife Priscilla “The Bike Princess” will be joining the ranks of Commute By Bike. So keep an eye out for her postings, reviews and updates. Her contributions will be an added benefit since there are allot of women that ride the trails, the road and to work.

Bell Citi Helmet Review Just Posted

Check out the new review for the Bell Citi Helmet.