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Archive for August, 2005

Gas Prices

New Article

New Article Posted! It’s about making your commute affordable with out sacrificing quality. Read it here.

Affordable Commuting Without Sacrificing Quality

With gas prices nearing $3.00 per gallon or $40 per tank, bike commuting is just the smartest thing a person can do. Taking responsibility of our own lives to save money, live better, and be healthier can all be done on two wheels. Most people think that bicycle commuting is so far fetched and that […]

Quick Tips on Bike Commuting

Make sure your bike has a white reflector on front, and a red reflector on back. It is also helpful to have reflectors or reflective tape on your wheels, and on your pedals (any part of the bike that moves a lot when you ride is a good candidate for reflective material — the movement […]

A Great Bike…Which happens to fold

The great folks at Xootr have provided us a Swift to review. It’s a sharp looking foldable bike. It took me no more than 5 seconds to fold and unfold the bike. The color scheme is really cool, it kinda reminds me of the Honda Civic SI or the Dodge Viper. Here are the Specs […]

These are the exact reasons why we ride our bikes to work! Ridiculous” is the way many local drivers described Tuesday’s gasoline pump prices, as the American Automobile Association reported recordhigh prices on the national scale. “They’re too high,” said Andrea Garcia, 60, who drives a fuel-efficient Pontiac Vibe to clean houses and to shuttle […]