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Archive for September, 2005

Woodstock 505 Commuter Review

Disclaimer: As a product reviewer for the Crooked Cog Network, I am providing my unbiased opinion of any products provided to us by any company. I do not posses any type of relationship with the product’s company or parent companies. I am not compensated in any way by companies that send in their goods to […]

Woodstock 505 Commuter Review

Commuting on a Mtn Bike? Why sure! Although I prefer road/hybrid bikes to commute, I decided to give the 505 a try. I kept it stock, no slicks or city tires, full blown knobbies. I just added my ‘portable’ rear rack and on my way I went. Click here to keep reading.

Our Review on Giatex….

A while back I wrote a review of the Giatex S*port stretchable bike. Giatex bikes liked our non-biased review so much that they have added it to their site!! (Click here to read it).

Rise and Shine!

While some of you were still in your nice cozy beds, I took the opportunity to get my work out on at 5:30am. Instead of doing my usual routine of riding a bike or running, I got on the Trikke 8. Equipped with the Hydrapak Ammo on my back with my helmet mounted Princetontec Eos […]

Finishline Products

Just recently the nice folks at Finishline sent us a boat load of products to test and review! Here’s a list of things they sent: Professional Shop Apron Shop Quality Chain Cleaner with Dry Teflon Lube and Multi Degreaser 20z bottle of Degreaser 2 Cans of Metro Spray (perfect for bike commuters!) Speed Clean EcoTech2 […]

This is Public Transportati0n at its best!

A Human Powered Bus seen in Eindhoven, the Netherlands… The “bus” takes 32 pedallers, a driver and a guide. It is constructed on a truck chassis, weighs 2500 kg and uses 80 meters of bike chain… The contraption has been used to bring technology students from Eindhoven University of Technology to a brewery and back… […]