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Archive for October, 2005

Negative One x Negative One = Positive One

There are many things that add up to a total experience in commuting to work by bike. It’s hard to relate to others that total experience. When we complain of a yelling motorist for instance, our non-biking friend isn’t likely to think, “Yeah, that’s for me.” But our experience as a whole is so much […]

Genuine Innovations CO2 Review!

Read about the Genuine Innovations Deluxe Tire Repair and Inflation Wallet review.

Genuine Innovations Deluxe Tire Repair and Inflation Wallet

Overview: The roots of Genuine Innovations date back to 1986 when Tony Hollars approached bike shop owner, Jeff Bleecker with his idea for a unique controllable CO2 tire inflator for bicycles. Innovations in Cycling was born in 1989 when Jeff & Tony went into production with their first CO2 inflation device, the “GT Instaflate” which […]

Pedal Power: Fighting the high price of gasoline

Keith Cobb, Mount Angel Seminary student, rides his bike with an electric motor through the neighborhood. On any given day, Keith Cobb zips through Mount Angel on his bicycle, making the nearly 1-mile trek up the Mount Angel Abbey hill without breaking a sweat. His wife, Jo Garcia Cobb, passes cars on her bicycle with […]

Ibex X-Ray Build Part III

I’ve finally finished building the X-ray! I was waiting for the Dia Compe brake levers to arrive, a ‘mishap’ happened that delayed the arrival of the levers by 3 weeks. I also opted to install a crank with a 44 tooth ring and Crank Brothers Egg Beater Chrome pedals. Front and rear purple anodized cantilever […]

Wilderness Electric Bike Kit Review

We’ve posted our review on the Wilderness Energy Bike Kit.