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Archive for October, 2005

Wilderness Electric Bike Kit

Overview: This motor using technology that has been around for over a century and is very simple in design. It has a positive wire going into the motor, and a negative wire coming out of it, and is driven by a single phase electrical pulse, sent from a Controller. Inside the motor, mechanic brushes and […]

Bicycle Built for 7 – Yes It’s Real

If I hadn’t seen it I wouldn’t believe it. This is the oddest pedaling vehicle I’ve ever seen. I can envision using it as a rental at parks or closed riding areas like our Riverwalk. I can see it being used for Spinning Classes. I can envision a group ride on one bike. Wow, what […]

Beezy Biking

A bicycle built for 260,000: Apiarist Ahn Sang-kyu goes for ride with some of his closest friends in Taegu, South Korea. Courtesy of

Nice Rack!

Just because we’re bicycle commuters it doesn’t mean we don’t have a need to carry our bikes around. I found this article from on choosing car rack or carrier that fits your needs. Between the cup holders, the DVD player and the car seats, there isn’t much room left in the car for equipment. […]

Beware of Scammers Part II

I wrote a little article on how to spot scammers when you are trying to sell your bike on MTBR.Com, EBAY or any other classified Ad website. Click here to read my article.

How to spot a scam

If you read my post of the ‘Dumb Ass Scammer’ , you may be wondering if it’s all true. If you have tried to sell something in MTBR.Com, Ebay or any type of classified ad site, you have probably been contacted by this people. Having bought and sold stuff thru MTBR.Com and Ebay, I have […]