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Archive for October, 2005

Georgia State Shoot Out!

1. Climbing : Moe-Both bikes climbed rather well. I will give the advantage to the Woodstock 505 because of the front fork lock-out. I’m totally sold that hard tails are the bikes to ride if your terrain has a lot of technical or steep climbs. RL– I will have to agree with Moe as far […]

Is the Bicycle Dead?

If it is, then bicycle commuting is dead too. Dangit, I’m always behind the times and the last one to hear these things! A cyclist and writer for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution writes that the bicycle is dead. I disagree and refuse to give up that easily. I’m now more determined to get involved with bicycle […]

Quick Fix for a Quick Ride?

When I was a child from age 6 or so up until 11th grade (1975), I rode a bike everywhere. From 71-75 I rode a single speed, banana seat, high bars, burnt orange colored, Schwinn. I’d run out of the house, jump on the bike, and pedal 2 or 3 miles around the hood, to […]

Sun Bicycles Ez 1 SX Recumbent

Just a few days ago Sun Bicycles became our newest Partner and hooked us up with a sweet EZ-1 Recumbent to review. Check out the pics below. Sun Bicycles actually carries a whole line of bikes that range from retro cuisers, beach cruisers, comfort/hybrid, recumbents, adult trikes, folding and youth BMX. Learn more about Sun […]

Prodigal Cyclist

Hello Commute by Bike readers, I am John LaPierre (jj), a prodigal rider returned for good; for my good, and the good of all mankind. OK,I’m not quite that noble, however it seems that doing a good thing, even for ourselves, benefits others as well.
I ride in Columbus, Georgia and the surrounding area. A lot of Army brats will know my town well. Columbus is the 2nd or 3rd largest city in Georgia, depending on which population count you go by. (About 190,000) Riding in Columbus probably has many of the same challenges and pleasures that riding in any city has, but I hope I’ll be able to share something beneficial or at least entertaining now and then.
In October of last year, I weighed 350 pounds, I now weigh 250. Still large compared to nearly any cyclist, but definitely going in the right direction.

We found him!

Quite a while ago we had an altar call to see if we can find just the right person to help us out with the site. Well, we found him! Meet John LaPierre: John is from Columbus Ga. and he’s a big cycling fanatic and you guessed it a bicycle commuter! He even had his […]