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Archive for October, 2005

Eliminating bike lanes not the solution

Regarding Mr. J.H. Jenkins Jr.’s letter in the Oct. 10 paper on the inexpensive solution to traffic congestion by eliminating bike lanes. Cyclists are required to obey the same rules of the road as automobiles. We can be ticketed for riding on the sidewalk just as you would be ticketed for driving on the sidewalk. […]

Why and How I Commute by Bike -€œ By Cory

One of our loyal readers, Cory from NC, emailed me a few days ago because he wanted to share the reasons why and how he commutes every day, 365! Read all about it HERE!

Why and How I Commute by Bike -€œ By Cory

In January 2004, I was running through the Mexico City Airport, trying to catch a flight and I was struggling. I was gasping for air, and struggling to keep my legs going. I only had to go half a mile or so, but I could barely do it. When I got on the plane, I […]

Building a bike-friendly campus

22-year-old UC Santa Cruz graduate Jacob Aftergood works in the newly opened Bike Shop in Wooden West, which has opened as part of the university’s Bicycle Master Plan. The university has also installed bike lockers in several parking lots in hopes of increasing ridership among students, faculty and staff. With stair-covered hills, car-clogged streets, pedestrian-filled […]

Bike Riding Robot?

Dang this thing is awesome! Japan’s Murata Manufacturing unveils the “Murataseisaku-kun” bicyle-riding robot driving on a balancing beam during Asia’s largest electronics trade show Ceatec. The robot, which measures almost 20 inches in height, can drive at different speeds on its bicycle. Courtesy of News.com

Water and Grease don’t mix

Courtesy of The Rogue Mechanic Blog Look what happens when water and grease mix in your bottom bracket: Read More on what happens.