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There’s been some good stuff coming out of the Rogue Mechanic. Check out his postings on Corrosion. Corrosion is the primary means by which metals deteriorate. Most metals corrode on contact with water (and moisture in the air), acids, bases, salts, oils, aggressive metal polishes, and other solid and liquid chemicals. Metals will also corrode […]

Gift Idea

Check out what Priscilla’s been asking for as her Christmas present: You can order one of these handy dandy shirts from Pinkbike.com

Happy Turkey Day!

On behalf of RL (that’s me!), Priscilla, Moe and John of Commute by Bike. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Words of Wisdom

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride. John F. Kennedy

Fezzari First Impression

Just yesterday I had a chance to test out the Fezzari Wiki Peak Comp out on the street and on the local trail. On the street the Wiki Peak is as smooth as a road bike. The front and back suspension makes the ride so much more comfortable than a hybrid or any other commuter […]

RPM Cyclery Grand Opening

This past weekend Moe and I packed up his truck and my little SUV full of the products that we’ve been reviewing. Then we drove out to Lake Elsinore where RPM Cyclery was having their Grand Opening. Check out the photos below. Moe, Scott Finch (shop owner) and RL The Commute By Bike Booth The […]