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Archive for November, 2005

Strida Making Strides

For a while we were in talks with Strida to see if we could review their foldable bike. But as you haven’t seen, they decided to pass on us testing the bike. Other than that, check out what’s going on with them. Brit inventor transfers folding tech innovation to Taiwanese bike maker In order to […]

…our venomous SUVs

Idon’t customarily write obituaries, but when there’s been a death close to home, it’s appropriate that you and I pay our last respects. I hate to be the harbinger of such news, but the bicycle is dead. What a shame, valiant mechanical wonder – we hardly knew ye. Which is so sad on account of […]

Bikes for Nicaragua

Not many 19-year-olds can say they may have single-handedly influenced an entire country, but Christina Fierro can. Last year Fierro collected 131 bikes for Pedals For Progress, a nonprofit organization that gives used bicycles to people in underprivileged areas. The bikes were sent to Nicaragua, where they could help adults commute to work or children […]

Critical Mass Works!

The last Friday of every month, you might notice a small, ragtag group of bicyclists rolling out from Lake Eola Park early in the evening. They’ll be mostly young, probably laughing and chatting, and perhaps — if they are at a stoplight — even dancing a bit. Chances are 22-year-old Andrew Van Wart will be […]


Remember our little contest we had last week? Well, we have our a winner. Congrats goes out to Matt Kosakowski for being the first to provide the correct answer, “The Chain.” Thank you all for participating. Matt, I sent you an email about your winnings. If I don’t hear from you by the 18th, then […]

Ibex Bicycles Sale

Man just about everything is on sale at Ibex! All the 05’s have special pricing to make room for the 06 models! Check it out, you never know, you might find a killer deal that you can’t pass up. For example, the Alpine 350 is on sale for only $269! Click on Image to go […]