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Bailey Works Bag

by RL Policar
We just received a sweet messenger bag from Bailey Works. Check out the size of this thing!
To give you an idea on how big this bag is. I had my daugthers ages, 8 and 10 each weighing between 57-65 lbs. sit inside and carry them around.
We’ll be testing the bag out for all types of uses. Stick around for the review.
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4 Responses to “Bailey Works Bag”

  1. […] of it’s size and carrying capacity was posted by RL, […]

  2. […] Size: I think RL established that the Bailey can handle large size loads when he put his daughter in the bag – and that was a size Medium (1300 cubic inches). I have a size Large (1800 cubic inches). Bailey Works takes a page from the book of fast food restaurants with its sizing, which ranges from Small to XX-Large (3020 cubic inches!). To put that into perspective, RL was carrying his daughter in a bag that is a 2 out of 5 on Bailey Works’ scale. I can’t compete with that, at least not without facing kidnapping charges. […]

  3. joseph treves says:

    The purple Bailey works messenger bag is cool. I’d like more info on where I can see one in LA or how I can get one in all purple, too.


    Joseph Treves

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