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Archive for February, 2006

Things to come from Ibex

On the road bike side….   For 2006 the IBEX road line-up will see several changes. Most notably, we’ll have a new Classic model, the Classic 5600, equipped with Shimano’s fantastic new 105 group and we’ll have several early-launch 2007’s ready by the end of July. The early 2007’s will include new 30-speed Aprisa Elite […]


Final Report on Revive Commuting (Part 3) Part 1 Part 2   Here’s what I’ve learned from the Revive commutes. It’s not as easy as either of my other bikes, mainly because this bike is not happy on hills. There is of course a plus, in that my legs received a harder workout. If the route I have […]

Fezzari Abajo Peak

I asked one of my friends to ride the Fezzari Abajo Peak to get his honest opinion. Ben gave the Abajo Peak a thumbs up. I asked him what he thought about the bike, here’s what he said. “I had a great opportunity to ride the Fezzari Abajo Peak bike with my good friend RL. […]

Bailey Works Bag

We just received a sweet messenger bag from Bailey Works. Check out the size of this thing!   To give you an idea on how big this bag is. I had my daugthers ages, 8 and 10 each weighing between 57-65 lbs. sit inside and carry them around.         We’ll be testing […]

Sit Back and Enjoy The Ride

Some professors are willing to take life lying down. But only if they are simultaneously going 15 mph. OU professors Paul Minnis and Dan Snell commute to and from campus on their recumbent bicycles, drawing the attention of students as they fly past. Both professors are active in efforts to improve the lives of bicyclists […]

Poor Mans Winter Clothing

Problem: Winter riding clothes can cost hundreds of dollars! Challenge:Find the right combination ofcheapclothes that work. Way down, by the Chattahoochee… deep in the dirty south, we may not get as cold as our more northerly counterparts, but cold enough to do more than just hop on a bike. Mornings in the mid 20’s are […]