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Fer Yer Viewin’ Pleasure

Yes, you’re absolutely correct, this video has NOTHING to do with commuting. But once you watch it, you’ll see that it makes more sense to ride your bike in the city rather than taking a car.

Is Riding Your Bike Just as Good as Therapy?

So I sit here thinking, do I get more out of bike riding than I do seeing my therapist? Anyhow, when I do see my therapist, I feel that I get alot of things worked out and even feel good about myself after the session. Heck I’ve even made progress in my own life due […]

Think before buying a bicycle

I found a great article about buying a bicycle… You wouldn’t go anywhere else but a reputable dealer to buy a new car. So, why treat the purchase of a bicycle any differently? When buying a bike, the selection of where you are going to buy is as important as what you are going to […]

(W)hiskey (T)ango (F)oxtrot!

All this over $6…man if the dude needed money so bad, I would have given him the cash…. The 44-year-old victim was assaulted just after 12:30 a.m. on GrossmontBoulevard near La Mesa Boulevard, said La Mesa Police Lt. Allen White. He suffered multiple stab wounds to his arm, hand and back and one of hislungs […]

Ultimate Support Pro Compact Repair Stand

Our newest Partner, Ultimate Support sent us the Pro Compact Repair Stand to review. I took some shots of it to give you a tease.     I mounted the Ibex Trophy on it to show you folks how its done.   Here’s another angle   Here are the specs: SLIDE LOCK CLAMP   Award-winning […]

La Moda Bicycle Garage-Repair Session

Remember the folks of La Moda Bicycle Garage         Paul sent me an email announcing that they are having shop day….   Greetings!     We with the La Moda Bicycle Garage are pleased to announce that we are holding our first public bicycle repair session on Saturday, April 1st at 502 W. […]

Asking for money sucks…

I usually avoid fun rides that I have to raise money to participate. I always thought that asking people for money sucked. I was right. Even though I new this, I still decided to participate on the Lance Armstrong Foundation LiveStrong Challenge. No, I’m not going to ask you to donate (unless you really want […]

Got a flat?

Our buddies from Blue Collar MTB originally posted this… When commuting around town it’s best to carry around as little gear as possible. So most of us usually end up with one of those tiny hand pumps that take about a half hour to fill a tire up with. Instead, why not steal some air […]

Where are the women?

I had a great comment from Shasta – sounds like a female me. But most intriguing is her question at the end. Where are the women? I know several female riders who ride daily, but none who commute. I can only wonder why… anyone have any idea? I’d love to get some input; I’m going […]

P1sseezee Bike Wash-Review

Overview: P1SSEEZEE bike wash is safe to use on all bike components including disc brakes and anodized parts. Fully biodegradeable and non-toxic this easy to use bike wash really does produce the results. Also suitable for all the toughest cleaning jobs, brilliant on alloy wheels, caravans and completes any workshops battery of equipment. Disclaimer: As […]