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Archive for March, 2006

Asking for money sucks…

I usually avoid fun rides that I have to raise money to participate. I always thought that asking people for money sucked. I was right. Even though I new this, I still decided to participate on the Lance Armstrong Foundation LiveStrong Challenge. No, I’m not going to ask you to donate (unless you really want […]

Got a flat?

Our buddies from Blue Collar MTB originally posted this… When commuting around town it’s best to carry around as little gear as possible. So most of us usually end up with one of those tiny hand pumps that take about a half hour to fill a tire up with. Instead, why not steal some air […]

Where are the women?

I had a great comment from Shasta – sounds like a female me. But most intriguing is her question at the end. Where are the women? I know several female riders who ride daily, but none who commute. I can only wonder why… anyone have any idea? I’d love to get some input; I’m going […]

P1sseezee Bike Wash-Review

Overview: P1SSEEZEE bike wash is safe to use on all bike components including disc brakes and anodized parts. Fully biodegradeable and non-toxic this easy to use bike wash really does produce the results. Also suitable for all the toughest cleaning jobs, brilliant on alloy wheels, caravans and completes any workshops battery of equipment. Disclaimer: As […]

The New York Bicycle Commuter-Nick James

We asked Nick James of New York City to share his commuting story with us and below you’ll come to see that this guy is hooked! Since you asked… It’s hard to live in New York City and not be at least marginally aware of the bike culture flourishing here. In September of 2005, after […]

Off The Streets to Off Roads

This past weekend I organized my company’s “team builder.” And the turn out was overwhelming since my coworker Justin and myself we’re the only ones that showed…no I’m not bitter…Anyhow, we decided to go to one of my favorite trails in Fontana Ca, Southridge. I was riding my Giant Warp and Justin was riding the Fezzari Abajo […]