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Archive for March, 2006

Dangit, that hurts!

So there I was at the gym running on the treadmill. I knew there was something odd about my run, I felt some pain on my hip but ignored it. As soon as I got off I felt some pain in my left knee. Dang man, I couldn’t beleive that I just hurt my self! […]

Need some rubber for protection?

Let’s say your commuter bike is not just some Wally World special, but its actually a piece of engineering art, and its expensive and you like the paint job. Well you’re in luck pal, the folks at Instructables came up with a way to protect your bike from the daily abuses of your commute, and […]

Tip of the Day

Ever heard of dooring? Well it can kill you, so pay attention to the following video.

Bicycle Lift?

Check out this video, it shows the world’s only bicycle lift. It kinda works like an escalator, but not really.

Commuting by Bike, Part II

I rode to work on the ‘Electric bike’ about 4 times. I found myself pedaling most of the way to work and most of the way back. I felt like I was cheating by using the Electric Motor. Being an Ebay Junkie, I did a search on ‘Commuter Bikes’, and there it was… A Kona […]

Woodstock 505

Woodstock 505 Brief Description: If your commute involves some trail riding or if you want a commuter/recreational bike, the Woodstock 505 is good choice. Manufacturer: Woodstock Bikes Price Range: $599.99 Where to Buy it:Woodstock website. Specs: Click here for our Commuter Review.

Beautiful Brea

On Sunday morning right before church, I decided to play tourist and took the KHS Latte on a little ride to DownTown Brea. There’s a statue that I love that is right on Brea Blvd  between Tower Records and the Italian restaurant. Check it out!     Its basically an angel busting through a wall…Here’s […]

2 Ft of Snow

It’s been a long dry winter in Northern AZ, but finally the skies have opened up and dumped 2 feet of snow on us. The moisture was much needed and it is great to see the snow again. But being cooped up in the house for a week makes me long for the summer cycling […]

Giatex Sport*able

2005 Giatex Sport*able Brief Description: Small inexpensive bike that can stretch in seconds. Perfect for those train/short bike commute combinations. Manufacturer: Giatex Price Range: $255 -$359 Where to buy: Online Dealers and Select Dealers Specs: Frame: Hi Ten Steel Stretching Tube: Stainless Steel Handlebar Stem: Adjustable in seconds with no tools required Seat Post: Adjustable […]

Sun Bicycles EZ1 SX

2005 Sun Bicycles EZ1 SX Brief Description: This is one of the easiest, most comfortable and predictable entry level recumbents to ride. Manufacturer: Sun Bicycles Price Range: $500-$600 Where to buy: Select Dealers Specs: Wheel Base: 56.5″ (143cm) Overall Length: 73″ (185cm) Seat Height: 24.5″ (62mm) X-Seam Range: 34-48″ (84-122cm) Gear Inch Value: 17.5 to […]