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Archive for April, 2006 & Outside Magazine

This week the Wandertec CELLO showed up in Outside Magazine’s Buyer’s Guide. Though it was only a brief mention, we were happy to be mentioned in this widely read magazine and have the CELLO presented with a host of quality bike touring products. We also added another dealer to our dealer list this week. […]

100 mile KHS Urban X update

I have passed the 100 mile mark on the Urban X. I’m happy to report that this bike has surpassed my expectations. The only thing that I had to change was the saddle. After 70 miles, I was not able to get used to it. I’m used to saddles with ‘love channels’ and the ‘Brooks […]


My morning commute is something over seven miles: one mile in Queens, another mile across the Queensboro bridge on a separate bike and pedestrian path, two-and-a-half miles across Manhattan on 59th St. to the Hudson river, and then another three miles down a bike/pedestrian path along the river. All this takes about 35-40 minutes, sometimes […]

CycleMorph Closing Shop

I posted some info about CycleMorph back in June and honestly I thought this was a great idea. But unfortunately bike shops weren’t too interested in it. After speaking with one of the owners this morning, he told me that they are regretfully closing shop. They’re in the process of trying to eliminate their inventory. […]

Commute By Tandem

I’ve seen people use all sorts of bikes to commute with cruisers, foldables, recumbents, hybrids, road and mountain bikes. But I’ve yet to see or hear about 2 people commuting with a tandem. If you have seen it, or know of someone that does it. We’d like to hear about it. Contact us via EMAIL

Fell From The Same Tree

I was just checking out some of the cool pictures Randy posted from City Island. But I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but I just realized Randy and I take some of the same style photos….   Here’s what I’m talking about.   RL’s picture of the Fezzari Wiki Peak   Randy’s picture […]