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Archive for April, 2006

Inertia Designs Business Pannier On Sale!

Here’s an excellent deal from our partners at Inertia Designs: The Business Pannier for:$75.00 I consider the Inertia designs Pannier a MUST BUY for the office commuter or the student. It has become a permanent fixture on my Kona Smoke and it fits perfectly on the KHS Urban X. Click here for my review, click […]

Question of the day

How many people do you know would ride a bike and smoke a cigarette at the same time?

When Brake Cables Kill…

Well that title is a bit melodramatic. But it does have some meaning behind it. I’m talking about how bad brake cables can cause accidents. Having your cables snap on you can lead to disaster. My personal tip to you. Replace your cables at least once a year or if you feel like your brakes […]

City Island

After work I decided to ride out to City Island. My wife Soraya thought that it was a good idea so she drove out there with the kids. I took my camera along to share some of the sceneries with you guys. On Market Street walking bridge. Down Town Harrisburg across the Susquehanna River. Soraya […]

Moped Madness?

I was reading this article on Yahoo about how mopeds are making a come back due to high gas prices. Read More To be sure, US sales of small-bore cycles aren’t yet at their peak – 300,000 units in 1978. But sales are up 500 percent since 1999, and rose from 83,000 units sold in […]

City of Angels Fun Ride

This coming weekend Moe along with a couple of our friends will be riding the 9th Annual City of Angels Fun Ride. This is actually my first City of Angels Ride. Moe has done this one before. I’ll be riding the Ibex Corrida and Moe will be riding his Giant TCR. Its pretty cool, if […]