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Archive for April, 2006

Wish List

With Christmas being eight months away, I figure I would get a head start on my wish list. Do you think this is asking a bit too much?

Environmentalism: Purpose or Perk?

I’ve always tried to be environmentally conscious. This is a trait I seem to share with most bikers (at least those who frequent biking websites, certainly the other contributors to this site) and with the recent gas prices, there’s been plenty of talk about biking vs. driving. My position in this debate is different from […]

RPM Cyclery-Shop Review

You may have heard me talk about RPM Cyclery of Lake Elsinore Ca. before. Well here’s the first official SHOP REVIEW. I’ll be discussing some of the key points that I look for in a shop. 1. Customer Service 2. Knowledgeable Staff 3. Satisfaction 4. Selection 5. Atmosphere 1. Customer Service Priscilla and I decided […]

US Needs Better Personal Transportation

I’ve been thinking about our transportation/energy problems here in the US of A. Bare with me as I explain the flow of my thoughts. Because the US is big, successful, and spreadout, trains are not able to provide a large level of transportation solutions as is they do in Europe. Partly because trains aren’t available […]

Ways to save money on driving

Yahoo posted an aritlce about 10 ways you can save on driving… For most Americans, driving is a necessity of life. But as budgets tighten and fuel prices fluctuate, many people are looking for ways to trim the price of driving. When buying a car, opting for a used vehicle can cut the cost of […]

RL and Priscilla at the Fullerton Loop

Just this Saturday, Priscilla and I got a rare chance to ride together. Between 3 kids, we don’t get too many opportunities to ride as a couple. So we rode on the world famous Fullerton Loop and finished off our ride at Pickup Stix for lunch. Check out the video.