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Archive for April, 2006

Where are my keys?

My Official Apology

In years past, I have been quick to criticize the joys of Road Biking. I myself was a roadie for many years in my youth. In fact I entered a number of events and even rode up to 250 miles per week. Then I got into high school and cars and so forth. Then about […]

Riding Randy

We’d like to introduce our newest staffer/member or what ever you want to call him. Please put your hands together for Randy Policar!   RL(left) Randy (right)   Yes, Randy is my brother. He resides in New Cumberland PA. He’s been a commuter for a while now and thought we could benefit from his insight on […]

Bless your bike!

Religious leaders from different faiths will bestow blessings for safe cycling as they bless bicycles and cycling gear. They will also recite names of those injured recently in cycling accidents and ask for a moment of silence Click here for more info So I thought I’ve seen it all. The question is, which of my […]

Electric Bike Rebate

Check this out: If you live in Santa Cruz County you can qualify for up to $375 towards your purchase of a new electric bike. All you need to do is sign up for a free electric bike safety training class by calling the Santa Cruz Area Source: Who knew that you can get […]

This guy is pretty lucky he didn’t die