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Orange County Ride of Silence

by Richard Masoner

Ride of Silence

R.O.S. riders

RL and I got the chance to go to the Orange County Ride of Silence. We were lucky because the ride took place on RL’s town and about 8 miles away from my house. I didn’t know what to expect or who to expect. As I was waiting for RL to arrive, I heard a familiar voice, it was Big Rich, my LBS former manager. He introduced me to Marty from The Bicycle Lane Bike shop and other riders that he hangs out with. Needless to say, I was in good company.

R.O.S. riders

About 25 riders showed up for the ride. We were all riding all types of bikes; fixies, commuters, singlespeeds, mountain bikes, road bikes and beach cruisers. We rolled out at around 7:20 pm and rode an 8 mile loop throughout the city Fullerton. The ride caught a few bystanders off guard, some cheered, some yelled incomprehensible stuff. Some of the drivers were not pleased with us, there were the occasional idiots that can’t understand that bikes ARE traffic. The ride went without a hitch, (except for a flat tire) all the riders were orderly and respectful.

Mike Miller

We met Mike Miller, he is the person who organized the ride in memory of his good friend Tod “Einstein” Enneman. Mike has a couple of light projects in Check it out.

Steve Boehmke

We also met Mountain Bike Hall of Famer Steve Boehmke. He provided us with the Ergon grips to test out. Steve is a legend in the cycling industry and very down to earth, we were very lucky to have met him.

RL and I had a great time at the ride, we will be doing it again next year for sure!

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14 Responses to “Orange County Ride of Silence”

  1. Debbie Levitt Smith says:

    Dear Staci,
    Our mom’s were friends years ago in Corona, CA…so sorry to hear about Tod. He was my best buddy on the playground. Please tell your mom that ” Louise” says hello.

  2. Melodie LaMont says:

    Hi Mike – Thank you so much for the tribute- and thanks to all who participated. I’m Tod’s Sister-in-Law and we all miss him so much. We keep his memory alive for his boys, who are so much like him! What a fantastic way to remember him. Love and Blessings…

  3. Kelly (Hussey) Aguilar says:

    Mikey, basically you are a cycling god.

    Wish I would have known, but I am so incredibly glad you did it.

    Cheers mate, hope to see you soon as it has been way too long…

  4. Bryan DeVore says:

    I am Tod’s Brother-in-law. Thank you to everyone who rode in honor of his memory. He was a very special person, and it touches our family deeply that Mike would organize this ride in his honor. What a beautiful tribute! God bless you!

  5. Lee & Barbara DeVore says:

    Tod Enneman was our daughter Wendy’s husband and father to Schuyler and they were expecting a baby and his name is Saxon. The boys are 9 & 6 years old now and they keep the memory of their Dad Tod through their Mom, Grandparents and people as wonderful as you. Thank you for the beautiful tribute to our Son-In-Law. We miss him very much. May God richly bless you.

  6. Mike,

    What a nice thing to do! I know that Wendy really appreciated it. We all miss Tod. You’re a good friend.

    Lots of love,

  7. Wendy Enneman says:


    Thanks so much for doing this for Tod. I showed it to our boys and they loved it. I wish we had known about it. I would have come down to CA for it. And I second what Staci said, be careful on your bikes. Thanks again! This is really cool! WENDY ENNEMAN ~ Widow of Tod “Einstein” Enneman

  8. staci enneman says:


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  11. Jealous!! That looks like it was a lot of fun.

  12. RL Policar says:

    Those are our old jerseys from the days of Team Zoom. Moe happen to do an iron on image of the CBB logo.

  13. Randy says:

    Those are nice shirts you guys got. How about spreading the wealth a bit.

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